PCOS Solutions Pack




Do you have PCOS?

Do you have a medical condition called poly cystic ovary syndrome (or PCOS)?

Have you been trying to fall pregnant for awhile?

Maybe you suffer with fits of rage and anger and can’t work out why?

Or maybe you have experienced weight gain around your belly that won’t budge, maybe adult acne, or even unwanted facial hair?

ALL can be due to a hormone imbalance labelled poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).

What is PCOS?

PCOS is a syndrome that describes certain features – such as cysts on the ovaries. It is usually caused by high male hormone testosterone. It can also occur with high estrogen. 

In my experience, many people have both high testosterone and high estrogen.

Aside from the cysts that may or may not be present, women generally suffer with any of the following:

  • acne
  • belly fat
  • irritability or anger
  • infertility
  • longer period cycle or no period
  • unwanted facial hair, arm hair and whiskers in other places
  • masculine disposition
  • muscle definition
  • strong sex drive

You don’t need all the above symptoms for diagnosis and I use saliva testing in my clinic to confirm the diagnosis.

Medically it is diagnoses through blood testing your testosterone levels and sometimes confirmation is made with an ultrasound to pick up the presence of cysts on your ovaries.


This is a Youtube clip about high testosterone and some of the common symptoms.

Over the years I have become a world leader in this area. I help women understand why testosterone, insulin and even estrogen can go out of balance and can cause infertility.

In the PCOS Solutions Kit you will receive

  • A digital copy of my best selling book, Beauty and the Beast Within
  • A live recording with fertility doctor Dr Michael Flynn and myself discussing PCO, causes and treatment options
  • A meditation and visualisation download audio
  • A weekly example of healthy eating for managing PCO and recipes to go with it!