Sam Beau

Beauty and the Beast Within




Do you :

  • Feel like you have a hormone imbalance?
  • Have PCOS or endometriosis?
  • Have feelings of rage, anger or outbursts?
  • Struggle to find happiness in your relationships?
  • Feel stressed or guilty?
  • Have period problems
  • Have acne or unwanted facial hair?
  • Find it hard to lose weight?
  • Have problems sleeping at night and poor energy levels?

Then YOU NEED to read this book!

** EBOOK only at this stage **

84% of women feel they have a hormone imbalance (ref #1)


This book is a #BEST SELLER!

Helping women of all ages understand hormones, for many this is a life changing book.

Learn about your hormones:

  • Discover why working women increase their testosterone 
  • Discover why stress increases testosterone in women, not your monthly cycle
  • Find out what symptoms high estrogen can cause in women so you can avoid cancers, endometriosis, PCOS and more
  • Discover why medicine can’t help you with high estrogen levels and natural is the only way to lower it!

Unlock the answers today with this instant download! You will NOT LOOK BACK

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