Pet Hair Test – Weekly Repayments

$99.00 / week for 3 weeks

3 payments of $97 / weekly



Why not keep them healthy by finding out what they might be missing in their diet?

It’s understandableif you have a fur baby you’ll understand.

No doubt, one of the best investments in our life is a pet.

Especially a puppy or a kitten.

They add joy to our life!

From listening to us unwind at the end of the day, to motivating us to walk them, to their endless unconditional love, pet’s are the BEST!

Having a pet has even shown in studies to improve your happiness and longevity.

HOWEVER a sick puppy, kitten, dog or cat can be a massive worry (and financial sink hole).

They can’t talk and sometimes trying to work out what is wrong with them is a downright mystery.

Repeated vet visits, creams, lotions, pills, tests… often with no clear outcome.

Having a healthy pet is wonderful, BUT having a sick one is not.

Before investing lots of money into vet bills, find out with this simple test what may be out with your pet.

It is easy to do and is done by home.

No stressful vet visits and clear clues regarding diet, nutrients and guy health.

You can test your pet anytime…

Don’t wait until your pet becomes unwell. Do a hair test to find out how to make your animal resilient so it can live a long, happy life with you.

The test is simple to do and YOU send it from home.

Order on line now and fill in the form that will be posted to your inbox.

PUT YOUR PET’s NAME on the request form.

A kit will sent to you with the information for collecting the hair sample and a reply paid envelope.

This does NOT include a consultation just a report.

Click the image below to view a example of a pet hair test results.