Core Health Program


In this informative snap shot of your health you will receive the following:

A hair test (indicating vitamin, mineral deficiencies, food intolerances and toxicity levels)

A saliva hormone test (only available for Australian residents) We measure sex and stress hormones

A 90 minute consultation with Sam (done via phone or zoom) to discuss your results and recommendations

This package can be done from anywhere in Australia. 

Sam will discuss your past history, current supplements, medications and interpret your results. A short plan will be tailored for your needs including some dietary advice, supplements and lifestyle suggestions.

Once purchased you will be posted the saliva hormone kit and instructions for collecting the hair test.

This package is only available to Australian residents (sorry)! 




Saliva Hormone Test

Saliva testing is an accurate measurement of the body's sex and stress hormones. A test kit is posted out.

On day 19 of the cycle, a saliva test is done in the morning and sent back via Australia post in the return envelope provided.

It can be done on any day of the month if there are no more periods.

If on HRT or the OCP contact Sam beforehand.

In this program the following hormones are measured:

  • Cortisol
  • Testosterone
  • Estrogen (estradiol and estrone)
  • Progesterone 
  • DHEA

The below is an example of a hormone test result showing low progesterone and high estrogen (this woman was suffering with severe flushes and couldn't lose weight).

Cell Wellbeing Hair Test

This test is generated from home and a hair sample is posted in.

Once the hair sample is received and the test run a 37 page report is emailed.

If hair has been coloured it is recommended to wait 5 days before doing the test.

The test may indicated:

  • Vitamin deficiencies
  • Mineral deficiencies
  • GUT health
  • Antioxidant deficiencies
  • Amino Acid deficiencies
  • Immune status

It saves lost money on supplements that are not needed and helps highlight the key issues that need addressing.

The report suggests foods to avoid and foods to increase.

Below is an example or click here for a full report example.

Consultation with Sam Beau Patrick

A ninety minute consultation with Sam to discuss:

  • Hormone Saliva results
  • Cell Wellbeing Hair test results
  • Past health history
  • Current health history
  • Supplement advice
  • Health moving forward including some dietary advice, lifestyle changes, mindset

Sam has appeared on national TV (Today Show, Sunrise, Today Tonight, Channel 9 news, Channel 10 news, leading Australian newspapers and many magazines) for her information on health, nutrition and hormones.

In your consultation with Sam you will be offered confidentiality, respect and professional advice that has is researched and tried and tested over 20 years of being in practice.


Watch the short video below to explain why Debbie from Door of Youth had her saliva hormones, hair test and consultation done.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tiffany Currall
Tired of being tired …

I went for the Core Program to get the full picture on my health.
Post menopausal, adrenal fatigue, healthy diet but still deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, which was causing a hormonal balance.
Sam was so amazing to chat with and went through what I needed, not over prescribing unnecessary supplements.
Also loved her sensible approach to antidepressants, HRT, etc
I am not “broken” I have a hormonal imbalance.
Looking forward to feeling amazing when we have my follow up consultation!!!

Angie Rogers
Core Health Program

I found both tests, being the saliva and hair test, results, very informative.
Sam is wonderful, not only does she explain results to one in a simple, understandable, manner but she gives you a very holistic approach on moving forward. I would definitely recommend
investing in your health and engaging in the program.

Melanie Lakeman

I was saving up to do Sam's Core Health package, and a turning point in my health caused me to take the leap... and I am so glad I did. The tests provided helpful guidance, and the supplement Sam recommended had a positive effect immediately. 5 stars!!

Debbie Majella
Health to stay youthful

I meet Sam in 2012 at a Women's event. A few months later my menopause was driving me crazy, i connected with Sam. Doing a Saliva test and getting me onto the supplements my body needed I was a NEW Woman.

Jump to now October 2020, having a few health issues and not a pill popper (we do need our Doctors) I reached out to Sam. We did a Saliva & Hair Test and today 22/10/20 I start on my 90 renew my health.

What impresses me about Sam is her amazing knowledge and also asking what is happening in my life that has caused my health issues.

Being in the Beauty Profession for 39 years I lean towards natural. organic, non toxic lifestyle.

Do yourself the best favour and connect with Sam xx

Amanda Herron
Thorough, Precise & Easy to Understand

I couldn’t be happier with my consultation with Sam and the answers she was able to give me using this great piece of technology. The data she gave me to view while we chatted about my results was clear and precise, and we thoroughly discussed each of the problem areas in detail - but in normal language - so I felt I understood my situation and what steps to take next. I would highly recommend the combination of hair test and hormone test, as I believe it gives the most answers. Sam was great at follow up as well and really knows her stuff. Ten out of ten.