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Discover How to Reduce “Change of Life” Symptoms with My 8 Week Life Transformational Program



Discover How to Reduce “Change of Life” Symptoms with My 8 Week Life Transformational Program©

Hi beautiful

Are you going through the change of life and suffering with symptoms?

Symptoms such as:

●     Weight gain

●     Flushes

●     Broken Sleep

Just to name a few.

Women are often told that they are broken during menopause and that they need hormone replacement.


This can be quite misleading as the female body is perfectly designed to pass through menopause naturally.


In years gone by women haven’t had the pressures of today and were able to pass through menopause using lifestyle modifications, foods and herbal teas.


All those tools and natural resources still work today and are superior in terms of helping your body transition from a fertile state to menopausal one.


I have been helping women for twenty years transition through menopause naturally, easily and safely and can show you how to do it too!


The 8 Week Life Transformational Program© is full of easy to follow recipes, eating plans, informative videos, copies of my best selling books, weekly mindset and exercise tips, as well as access to my private face book group where you can ask questions directly from me.


Please read below for more information about the program.


It is downloadable so you can start at any time and anywhere in the world.


If you want additional assistance please email us here.


This program has helped hundreds of women resolve their menopause symptoms. Once hormones are balanced, issues such as weight, flushes, night sweats, low energy and broken sleep, all resolve.


This is the blue print on how to help your body naturally balance through menopause.