Weight – It’s Your Hormones(hardcopy)


A simple to read book that gives you life changing explanation on why weight loss and dieting often fails. Hormones need to be balanced first and in this book, natural medicine expert & best selling author explains how to do that with foods, mindset and exercise.



Do you :

  • Struggle to lose weight?
  • Try diets and don’t get the same results as others?
  • Exercise and never seem to lose weight?
  • Feel stressed with the global issues going on?
  • Comfort eat?

Then YOU NEED to read this book!


Australians gaining on average, 5-10kg (ref 2)

Helping people of all ages understand weight & hormones.

This book explains for many people, why weight loss has been a struggle.

While you may have addressed your food, exercise and mindset, until you address your hormones you may fail.

This is the REAL reason you are not losing weight and to solve it.

This is Sam's eight published book.

WOW! Who would have thought? Losing 30kg post baby years after it was all hormonal and stress related. Thanks to Sam I got myself sorted, I was overweight after my babies and running my own businesses, the years were getting away from me. I wanted to be fit and happy, not fat and happy. I ended up going through menopause quite smoothly having my hormones balanced prior to it beginning. Best guidance and advice any woman could have - Sam really knows her stuff, she has practically balanced my life through hormone balancing - just love what she does - Michelle Peel.

Learn about your hormones & weight:

  • Discover why working women increase their testosterone, cortisol and struggle to drop weight
  • Discover why eating in a rush leads to hormone confusion
  • Find out what symptoms high estrogen may cause so you can start managing it through food.
  • Discover why diets fail unless you address hormones.

Unlock the answers today with this instant download! You will NOT LOOK BACK