San Marco Restaurant Lake Zug

Lake Zug is a large lake approximately 30 minutes by train from Zurich. Like Zurich is has an old town, which is charming and worth a day visit.

My friend doesn’t live far from the lake so we spend some time down here, the best time is lunch or late afternoon. Today I have lunch at San Marco Restaurant on the Lake.

I am greeted by a friendly happy waitress who makes my experience wonderful.

Before I have even ordered I have fresh rolls, a nice weisswine and a blanket! A must with the chilly air.

The lunch menu is not extensive but sufficient. Being gluten free I can find some menus really limiting but this one has enough choice. Considering it is a pizza and pasta bar, I find it easy to order.

I have the tuna salad which is delicious, clean and healthy.

I would highly recommend this restaurant for lunch or dinner.