At last… A Natural Way to Accelerate Your Health!

I Decided to Put Myself First For Once… To Sort My Health Out! NOW everyone is Happy… Including my Family!

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I knew my body was in a mess and menopause had got a hold of me in a not so nice way.  My weight was a great burden for me in a way that was holding me back in performing to my full potential.  Business, family and life were a struggle.  I knew my body was not how it should be functioning and understood that menopause and the symptoms I had were the most contributing factors to me not feeling well, being over weight and at times so over it, all I wanted to do was sleep.

I didn't want to exercise and had no energy.  Days of lying on the lounge wondering when it would all end.  Seeing my friends and partner looking at me 'differently' and reading their eyes in telling me – you just look horrible, I had to do something and Sam was found.

Within my first few consultations Sam managed to address exactly what I needed to do to be able to achieve what was important to me.  Weight was lost, dietary needs most suitable for my blood type and body were introduced, exercise and time out for me were all addressed and achieved with amazing results. (Same you can give the figures/numbers here if you like).  ?

Back then I was a very unhappy, lethgic over weight menopausal woman.

Today I am a very happy, energetic woman loving life and love reading the new eyes that now look at me now.

I love Sam as much as I love life.  She has been my helper and continues to help and support where needed.

Thanks, Sam.  Xx Maree

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To: People wanting a natural healthy solution for achieving peak health and performance (no complications and no drugs).

From: Sam Beau Patrick – Natural Health Specialist BHSc, RN, Medrep Diploma

Subject:  An open invitation for people wanting the natural recipe for hormone imbalances, optimal health and restoring balance without risking medications and surgery.

Dear Friend,

I hope this message reaches you in good time…

I’m not sure how you heard about me, but I like to believe things happen for a reason, and not just by chance. You see…

If you’ve been trying for some time to make positive change, maybe improve your sleep and find your mojo...

…Or if you are gaining weight and can’t for the life of you lose it, and starting to get desperate and worried that drugs are the only option…

Then please take note of what I am about to say, because this could be the most important message you will ever read! Are you ready?

It’s not your fault – And you are not alone.

In fact, 80% of Westerners are going through some health issue from menopause to cancer, to being overweight.  They are trying to deal with unrelenting symptoms themselves, or with medications and surgery and with mixed results.

The good news is: Most of these cases are treatable and can be overcome with the natural medicine advice or for some a combination.

And I guess… that’s why we’re talking right now. What you are about to read in this letter is a personal invitation to fast track your journey towards enhancing your body and mind naturally.

And don’t worry… if you have any doubts or concerns at all, or if you have a sceptical partner whispering in your ear, then don’t panic. I promise to do my best to overcome any objections along the way.

For now… all you really need to know if this: We are both (you and I) here for the same reasons, believe it or not. And that is to help you overcome your health issue easily so you can sail through life – and come out healthier than you entered… and the sooner the better right?

Before I reveal to you exactly how I plan to help you fall in love with health (just like my other happy clients) let me first put one big question to bed.

Who the heck am I and why should you listen to me?

Good question. I mean you don’t want to take the advise from just anyone off the street right?

Hi, my name is Sam Beau Patrick and I am one of the very few rare people in Australia who have completed a Degree in Naturopathic Medicine and Nutrition and Nursing. You see…

… Most naturopaths only have an advanced diploma or diploma. Most have only worked in health food shops or on the floor at a pharmacy. I have been in the health industry since 1987, and have done an additional 14 years study at university on top of my training.

To be honest, I wanted to be the BEST Naturopath in Australia – not that it’s a competition, but just because everything I do, I want to be the best, I want the best for those around me and I saw a massive hole in the health industry. A need for someone who understood and respected both sides of health – natural and medical.

After working in Australia’s busiest hospitals in Intensive Care and the Emergency Department, there isn’t much I haven’t seen and been involved with the care of…

… And with my fourteen years as a private naturopath specialising in hormones, I have seen what works and what doesn’t work. I have discovered why diet and exercise programs alone, often are NOT enough…

Coupled with my calling to help people, I have also found a zest in teaching others.

Starting with my five published books, one being a best seller, which has seen me interviewed on National TV 8 times!

After I wrote Beauty & the Beast Within, I became an expert in women and high testosterone levels (PCOS) and was then recommended by Australian Tourism to be interviewed by Oprah. That didn’t eventuate, (or maybe you would have heard of me by now haha).

I now spend my time inspiring and coaching people in my clinic, from the stage where I speak, and have been asked to present my information at Woodford Folk Festival, Gwinganna Health Retreat, National Obesity Congresses and more.

I travel the country regularly giving talks and teaching weight loss consultants how to help their clients, as hormones are such a niche area and weight loss in particular, needs to be treated much differently to other times in your life.

Phew…I hope that helps, because that was for your sake to give you confidence that I know what I’m talking about. But here’s what’s most important in my opinion….

I have personally helped over Four Thousand women

Overcome Hormone Imbalances and other Health Issues!

Why am I so passionate about hormones? Let me explain…

In 2004, I had two young children, my natural medicine business, five staff and was married. I was studying again at uni and was playing lots of sport.

Just before Christmas that year, I decided to organise a dinner party. You know one of those dinner parties, where you go in WAY above your head….

I had a basted ham, a roast turkey, neither of which I had cooked before… veggies, desserts… you get the drift.. a big effort and I wanted to share it with 12 of our dearest friends.

Not long after everyone arrived my 10 month old baby filled her nappy and came crawling under my legs in the kitchen. At the time my hand was stuck down a turkey! So I called out to my (then) husband “Can you come and change Maisy? “ I called out. You won’t believe his reply….

“No” he said.

Well I don’t know if you have ever had a rage that scared the pants off you but that night I experienced it. I was so mortified, angered and shocked all at once I could barely talk.

After changing my daughter, two friends came into the kitchen where I resumed cooking. They both bailed me up and said words I will never forget… “Sammy , you sound like a bitch when you talk like that!”

Well a night of shocks, became the pivotal night for me leaving the marriage.

I was frightened by the anger I had experienced, confused why I could be see delightful and caring, but had this other side I didn’t know about , and well, was thrown into a state of actually believing I was a bitch.

I went to my doctor, who offered anti depressants! But I’m not depressed I would say. I had tests, saw chiropractors, reiki therapists, counsellors and nothing showed up. But I was becoming aware that I did struggle to relax.

I started asking my patients if they felt the same.

Well blow me over, many of my female clients said YES! They did feel irritable, angry and even rage from time to time.

I started to notice when this happened and measured people’s hormones. What I found out, in myself and these other women is that they had very high levels of their male hormone: testosterone.

And western medicine had failed to pick it up and still misses it in so many girls and women. I decided to write my best selling book around the findings and dedicate my life to helping women understand their hormones.

It turns out any hormone issue, especially with women, is generally offered a pill by the doctor, the oral contraceptive pill, or hormone replacement therapy.  And no one has looked at why, in such a short space of time we suddenly need synthetic pills for our hormones. Which, mind you, don’t treat the problem anyway, just mask it.

I am committed and every day wake up with burning passion to help and inspire women to understand their bodies, their hormones and how to master them. Menopause, fertility, PCO, Endometriosis, weight, burn out are all such times… times that are caused by a hormone imbalance are can be unravelled with hormone balancing! They are not diseases.

Of course, not every client I help have the same issue. But nearly every client to date, I have been able to help.

Just so you don’t feel like your situation is any different, here are some of the conditions that I help people overcome:

  • Menopause Flushes
  • Menopause Weight
  • Breast Cancer
  • Underactive Thyroids
  • Auto immune diseases
  • Heart disease
  • PCOS
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Burn out
  • Insomnia
  • Low energy levels

It’s important for you to understand this… I know how emotionally draining trying to be “healthy” and “make changes”can make you feel. You may have a similar story to some of my previous clients…

Who felt overwhelmed.. desperate…anxious… exhausted and frustrated at not getting results.

I can feel your frustration and I would like to reach out and help…I know there is a level of trust that needs to be created between the both of us before you pick up the phone and call me…

I would be the same! I very rarely make decisions just from reading a letter..for me… personal referrals work best. If you know what I mean?

Unfortunately… due to lack of knowledge many are turning their cheek to natural options – YES~!  Even today people still question the value of healthy eating and exercise! It’s not any one’s fault, I guess, it’s just a lack of understanding and knowledge.

For example, Menopause is not a disease and your body was designed to make this change but people are being told they need a pill!

Fertility, adrenal fatigue, PCO and endometriosis are the same….

Sadly, too many women, are told that the ONLY option for their hormone imbalance is a pill. That’s like saying it is a disease!

There are many other conditions that benefit from simple natural medicines and nutrition.

For example:

Right now in Australia…

  • Six in ten women menopausal women suffer with symptoms
  • One in nine suffers breast cancer
  • Heart disease affects one in two over the age of
  • 58% of Australian women are overweight or obese
  • Infertility has jumped from 1:10 to 1:6 couples and is rising
  • PCO affects up to 40% of fertile Australian women

All of these are hormone issues, and all can be assisted with natural medicines.

So it’s normal to be confused and not knowing who to believe these days. Doctors are telling you one thing… friends another… well intentioned neighbours another… it can get confusing!

As I said before… all that’s important right now is this – “If you need help and assistance to get your health on track - then I can help you.

Do yourself a favour and spend a minute or so reading the list below. If you can relate to any of these points then there is a darn good chance I can help you.

Have you ever had these thoughts?

  • Been Told You Need HRT to Balance YOUR body ?
  • Fearful that you marriage will suffer and not last?
  • That unless you do a radical diet YOU can’t lose weight
  • Frustrated that your weight isn’t changing regardless of what you do… so why bother….
  • Worried that your husband will have an affair because he doesn’t find you attractive.
  • Worried that you won’t be able to have a baby unless you do IVF!
  • Desperate enough to start sleepers...

You don’t need to stress and worry any more… I have helped many people in your situation… and I can help you too.

Why am I harping on about this so much?

Because I believe from the centre of my heart, and I don’t want to give you one single excuse not for you joining my group of motivated women and men.

Anyway… as you can see, I do get very passionate about this subject. Now let’s change gears for a second, as I show you how you can turn your hopes and dreams of health bliss into reality.

Fall in-love with your health and watch your life soar.

Introducing My


“Turning your hopes and dreams of
Optimal health into reality”

Over the next 6 months we work together helping your body navigate the maze of health. Working out what is good for your body and what isn’t.

But Please be aware…. I have to tell you right at the beginning…

I will NOT take on everyone, so there is a chance you may not be accepted! I’ll explain more later on, but for now…

Here’s how it will work…

I’ve broken it down into 2 simple steps:

Step 1 – FREE 15-minute Qualification Phone Call

Okay Sam…Free? Nothing is for free these days! What’s the snag?

Good question.  “YES” there is a snag… here it is:

You have to first fill out a simple questionnaire and email it back to me before we can move forward with the FREE phone call.

Please understand…


I don’t take on every client who contacts me…. And to be honest with you… not everyone qualifites. You see… I only take on clients who I believe I can help and who are ready to turn their health around. And for that to happen, I have to assess the following:

  • Your previous health record
  • Your current support systems
  • Your lifestyle and work habits
  • Your willingness to change

So before we even get your started on your health journey, you have to first qualify.

You can fill in your details to apply.


Next: I will review the information on your application form and contact you for your free qualification phone call. On this call we will discuss your situation and I will let you know if you are eligible (or not) for step 2.

Step 2 – Join my Health Mastery Group

Okay, here’s where it gets exciting for you…

After our phone call and acceptance, you can enter my inner circle of clients.

This year I am only working with a closed group of people.

There’s MORE support than I have offered in previous years (and people then had a success rate of 83%) but with additional support I believe, when you follow my advice, you will succeed at any health goal your put your mind to.

Understand that by joining my Health Mastery group you will have access to all my resources, tools, diagnostics and coaching for 6 months!

It’s NOT a one-size-fits all solution. In stead I personally design a program for you so your specific needs are met.

Initially we measure where your body is at, using sophisticated, Australian TGA approved devices and laboratories.

We do an induction saliva hormone test

And a hair analysis to determine your nutrient status. This state of the art device accurately measures the following parameters:

  • Vitamin deficiencies (such as inositol, Vitamin D, B6 and folate)
  • Amino Acids deficiencies (such as tryptophan, glutamine, carnitine which help with pain, happiness and immunity)
  • Mineral deficiencies (such as magnesium, iron, calcium)
  • Toxicity levels (due to chemicals, metals or radiation)!
  • Certain foods that are incompatible with your body at the moment (eg dairy, wheat, nuts, vegetables…and additives to avoid just for your body)!
  • Whether your body has viruses, bacteria or fungus
  • If EMFS (Electro magnetic fields) are taking a toll on your body – these are from power lines, mobile phones, TV screens, microwaves

All in all the hair test accurately measures nine different areas of your body and gives us a wonderful snap-shot of your current health position and health needs.
After 5 months in the Health Mastery Group we repeat these tests to make sure we are on track. Although you should start to feel better sooner. We just do them so we KNOW! No guess work = confidence ?

Weekly Health Mastery Sessions

Finding your way and creating change may have a been a challenge in the past, but these group-style sessions are designed to help you navigate through the confusion and challenges.

We discuss all sorts of topics from “Hormones and Weight Gain”, to “How to Say No to Your Partner”

One on one individual private sessions with me

These are break through sessions where we tailor your OWN individual plan. We discuss results, what they mean and a personal program to take you to the next levels in health.

Over the 6 months we have 8 personal sessions together.


Saliva Hormone Test

Testing hormones (sex hormones) are most accurately measured via saliva testing according to the World Health Organisation (WHO).

I have been using this methodology for the last 10 years.

It has provided clients with massive insights into their hormones that blood testing WILL NOT GIVE YOU!

In your induction saliva test we measure:

  • Cortisol levels (a good indicator of stress and a common reason people make belly fat)
  • DHEA
  • Testosterone (in women our “survival hormone” in men their masculine hormone). It is often increased in women which leads to stress, belly fat, anger, acne and PCO/Endometriosis
  • Progesterone (our sexy hormone and very important for resolving PMS, periods and feeling good)
  • Estradiol, Estrone, Estriol – we measure all three estrogens and see what your body is producing and clearing out. If it is building up it may cause anxiety and depression, weight gain, cellulite, endometriosis, low sex drive, IBS, fibroids, heavy periods.

With endemics in reproductive cancers, obesity and infertility YOU need to know your hormones. Hormones cause all sorts of disharmony in your body and disease. BUT the good news is, with the right information and testing, you can manage it. And you can do it naturally!

Private Facebook Group and support

For additional group support, sharing recipes, wins and tribulations, we have our own private face book group. This is only accessible by people in the Health Mastery Program.


Access to the Happy Female Formulae

After 30 years in the health industry I have seen what works and what doesn’t. With hormones I KNOW a LOT about what works… and why your body will respond a certain way under stress, work, when eating carbs etc.

I share all of this with you in bite size chunks in 5 easy to understand modules, called the Happy Female Formulae.

8 Week Life Transformation Program

Ready for you to transform your LIFE, relationships and health is my 8 Week Life Transformation Program

  • 8 weeks of eating plans
  • 8 weeks of recipes to match the eating plans
  • Over 120 recipes….

All mapped out in easy to understand (and prepare meals). No more stressing about what to eat… it’s all done for you.

Each week of the program you also receive video clips showing you how to exercise for a lean tummy, how to eat in a mindful manner and decrease cortisol and how to sleep like a baby at night so you are rested and invigorated during the day.

AND for the odd time when you really need some one to say ëverythings going to be OK, you have SOS bail -me-out calls.