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Designed and created by Sam Beau Patrick ** Nurse, Naturopath, Menopause Graduate and Celebrity Nutritionist. Sam has been interviewed on multiple TV shows including Sunrise, The Today Show, Today Tonight, Channel 9, 7 and 10 News, The Project, multiple radion stations, podcasts and major newspaper outlets around Australia.

Hi beautiful

Are you going through the change of life and suffering with symptoms?

Symptoms such as:

●     Weight gain

●     Flushes

●     Broken Sleep

Just to name a few.

Women are often told that they are broken during menopause and that they need hormone replacement.


This can be quite misleading as the female body is perfectly designed to pass through menopause naturally.


In years gone by women haven't had the pressures of today and were able to pass through menopause using lifestyle modifications, foods and herbal teas.


All those tools and natural resources still work today and are superior in terms of helping your body transition from a fertile state to menopausal one.


I have been helping women for twenty years transition through menopause naturally, easily and safely and can show you how to do it too!


The 8 Week Life Transformational Program© is full of easy to follow recipes, eating plans, informative videos, copies of my best selling books, weekly mindset and exercise tips, as well as access to my private face book group where you can ask questions directly from me.


Please read below for more information about the program.


It is downloadable so you can start at any time and anywhere in the world.


This program has helped hundreds of women resolve their menopause symptoms. Once hormones are balanced, issues such as weight, flushes, night sweats, low energy and broken sleep, all resolve.


This is the blue print on how to help your body naturally balance through menopause.


This Program May Help Reduce Symptoms of Menopause in Just 8 weeks….Shaving 5-10 Years Off the Average Time of Menopause

  • This is an 8 week on-line program that you can access at any time of the day and progress through at your own pace
  • Quick wins to stop flushes, which helps with a more restful sleep & day time energy
  • It includes 8 weeks of eating plans and recipes that are easy to prepare, nutritious and balance hormones
  • You’ll also receive the Happy Female Formulae where you will be taught the winning menopause mindset.
  • Available support in Sam's private Facebook group where individual questions are answered by Sam personally

Women who have been through my program were quickly able to get back to enjoying life & Happy Hour!

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What you’ll receive in my 8 Week Life Transformational Program©

8 EASY to follow weekly plans designed to balance your hormones

  • Lose weight without counting calories while enjoying happy hour
  • Empowering weekly planners include exercise tips to STOP THE SYMPTOMS of flushing, insomnia and weight gain.
  • Work though each week and gain confidence and plan your way through menopause, quickly and naturally
  • Find out handy tips to balance hormones, feel better and know that you can master this time in your life

The Happy Female Formulae

  • Discover how to have a WINNING MENOPAUSE MINDSET so you can shorten your transition time and get on with life and enjoying happy hour!
  • Discover how hormones change through menopause and WHAT YOU CAN DO to balance them
  • Recognise stress in your body and how to implement daily actions that LEAD TO YOU BEING RELAXED and feeling hortonomous


Access to Sam Beau Patricks Private Facebook Group (this is invaluable!!)

  • Receive support from Sam who has over 34 years experience in the Health Industry and has been featured on Channel 7 ,9, 10, The Today Show, Sunrise and as seen as Australia’s leading natural medicine expert when it comes to hormones, weight and menopause.
  • See lives and tips that only people in Sam’s program’s have access to
  • In this private facebook group you can ask questions and have Sam personally answer them. Please note if the questions are highly personal in nature Sam may request that you make an appointment for a private one on one session
Lisa Wilkinson Interviews The Health Queen

About Sam Beau Patrick

Trained in emergency nursing and having a nine year stint in pharmaceuticals, Sam has a well rounded health background. Since 2002 she has been the go-to naturopath and nutritionist for Australian women and specialises in hormone issues including Menopause, Weight Loss, PCOS, Endometriosis & Burn Out.


Sam has seven published books include two best sellers that have seen her interviewed on Sunrise, Today, Today Tonight, Nine news, Ten news and all leading papers. Sam is a big foodie and loves inspiring women to true empowerment by understanding their bodies, hormones and mindset.


Money Back Guarantee

We’re so confident that you will benefit from our 8 Week program that if you are not 100% satisfied after 30 days we will give you a full refund. **You must demonstrate that you have implemented Sam’s advice on food, exercise and mindset as these are proven to work**. 

Here’s what our happy customers are saying…



My thoughts & the way I view food (which was one of our topics) has shifted I have found a lot of emotions & positivity where once there was shame & guilt. If your thinking about it, Just do it ! Amazing stuff !!!
Thanks Sam💕


Kellie Burns

I now know, that all those unpleasant side effects of middle age, hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia and fatigue are fixable ! My advice to any woman feeling that she deserves more physical wellbeing is to put your hand up. There is a better way of being.

Dr Karen Coates

MB BS Dip Obs, RACOG, Member ACNEM, RACGP, Medical Practitioner


Sam has created a winning mix of sound scientific based research, life experience and a good dose of common sense that makes this bible on menopause a must read for the modern woman.


Do as Maree did and lost 6 kg in 8 weeks

Maree Menopause

I knew my body was in a mess and menopause had got a hold of me in a not so nice way. My weight was a great burden for me in a way that was holding me back in performing to my full potential.

Business, family and life were a struggle. I knew my body was not how it should be functioning and understood that menopause and the symptoms I had were the most contributing factors to me not feeling well, being over weight and at times so over it, all I wanted to do was sleep.

I had to do something and Sam was found.

Back then I was a very unhappy, lethargic over weight menopausal woman.

Today I am a very happy, energetic woman loving life and love reading the new eyes that now look at me now.

I love Sam as much as I love life. She has been my helper and continues to help and support where needed.
Thanks, Sam. Xx Maree

Get access to my 8 Week Life Transformational Program today for only $197 and save 50% - available for the first 50 customers only

You don’t need to struggle anymore - YOU were designed to pass through menopause YOURSELF perfectly and naturally.

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