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Over the years I have been asked by various media for my professional opinion. I had my own radio show, a regular spot on ABC radio, have been on national television multiple times and in various newspapers and magazines.

I love the opportunity to talk about my passions and inspire people towards greater health and happiness.

Below is a handful of interviews 

TV Interview Chill Out or Burn Out

Stress Less About Today on Channel 9

Why does dieting fail?

Sam interviewed on Today Show about why dieting fails.

Breast Implant Illness

TV interview with Plastic Surgeon

Why Can't I lose Weight?

Find out how to balance hormones with this interview

Why Careers Stop Pregnancy

Find out why careers are stopping women conceiving.

Today Show Interview on Hormones

Sam interviewed on Today Show about Hormones...

Essentially Cooly Interview

Sam interviewed on Today Show about save Australian business

Health Queen talks

Sunrise Videos Channel 7

Weight Loss Hormones

Hormone Health

As Seen On