Wandering down memory lane

Waking this morning near the oldest bridge in Australia with my grandma a few meters away in her room made me feel incredibly content and reflective. 

Now visiting the land I once called home, it truly seems another life time ago. 

A life where I played sport (always in the COLD) and played in nature and seized the day.

Growing up in Tassie is a gift. A gift I was lucky to have an experienced. I don’t think I would be the person today if I hadn’t grown up here.

My earlier years were quite turbulent, lots of unrest, moving, deaths, trauma and uncertainty. Yet, somehow, the longevity, the tenacity entrenched in every cell of Tassie, kept me moving forward and stable. And now it is part of my fabric.


I now sit at Puddleduck Vineyard outside of Richmond. A dry region that harbours incredible pinots, some delicious chardonnays, and other treats (goat cheese, relishes, ciders, oysters and so much more). 

The food and wine in Tasmania are A class. They are decadent, tasty and exquisite. I love a mini food and wine tour when I come home. And obviously meeting the locals, talking about the wines, the local issues are all a BIG part of it. 

This little vineyard is incredible and about to come into it’s own. I am sitting in their new dining area overlooking a delightful dam with yellow leaves falling from the vines. Very Province and very Richmond.

I am struggling to concentrate on some work – work – funny word. I really do have an incredible life. Food, health, art and people constitute my work – it’s not really work. It’s a pleasure.

So with that thought I shall sign off, enjoy my pinot and nourish my soul a little more 🙂 

Below is a picture of my grandma. She is a true artist and great mentor of mine .