How to Write Your Best Selling Book so You Can Share Your Message with the World

Want to write a book for your business or yourself? BUT...

  • You don't know where to start?


  • You are unsure what to write about?
  • You don't know how to market it and use it to get TV gigs?
  • Time is already a struggle so finding time to write feels impossible?
  • There's an inner block letting you move forward to get it published?
  • You have started your own book but like many "fail to publish" have stopped at 40% done and have lost momentum?

Then I want to invite you to join me on my 3 days Writers Workshop on the Gold Coast this October.


This is a new exciting 3-day writing workshop that I've designed for business owners just like you

Finding the head space and clarity to learn new information amongst our "every day" life is tricky.

I have found my greatest creativity comes from a new environment, one clear from day to day clutter and commitments.

That's why I have chosen the beautiful climate of the Gold Coast and magic sunrises, to hold this workshop and retreat.

Over the 3-day workshop will have the opportunity to carve your masterpiece.

Plus you will learn the secrets that have taken me years to discover and finesse.

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Imagine the power of your own book!

Over the 3 day workshop we will work out your topic, how best to deliver it (book, e-book), style, format and chapters.

I will also explain the pros and cons of self publishing versus finding a publisher, covers and titles that capture intrigue and lead to sales, how to market and how to get on national TV!

Writing a book is one of the most liberating and powerful experiences. Not just for work but for you as a personal development tool.

Each book that I have written (now 10 books, six that are published) have taken me to a greater understanding about my message, my purpose and given me great momentum. Momentum in business, in confidence and working at a higher vibration.

The books have led to multiple TV appearances (Today, Today Extra, Sunrise, Today Tonight), Newspaper interviews (including SMH, Melbourne Telegraph, Gold Coast Bulletin), National radio (including the ABC), multiple Podcasts.

In fact I can honestly say that writing my books and the credibility it has given me has been my greatest asset in my work. It has enabled me to stand out as an industry leader, and a celebrity in a very busy market.

I will show you how I have done it, including:

  • My 6 step process for writing a book
  • How to self publish and fulfill all requirements for a book to be recognised as a best seller
  • How to use a book as the BEST marketing tool for your business
  • How to write a media release so you can accelerate your credibility

You can't buy this much media coverage!

I will share all my secrets on how to make you the media magnet using your boook

Here's how it works

You apply and reserve your place

You book your own transport and accommodation

I take care of:

  • Work shop notebook
  • Coaching by me to help you discover the book within you
  • Helping you plan an accountability schedule and time frames to keep you in momentum
  • Food on the day (lunch and morning/afternoon tea)
  • A networking opportunity on the first night (light refreshments will be served)

The 3 days will include:

  1. 1. Identifying a subject and topic that you are eager to use as a business tool
  2. 2. Structuring your book into a logic sequence with chapters, key messages and a logical flow
  3. 3. Whether to self publish to approach a publishing house and how to do this
  4. 4. Brainstorming titles and subtitles that are SEOs, grab attention and will sell your book
  5. 5. Identifying ways you can use the book in your business as a marketing tool
  6. 6. Writing a media release and how to pitch your book for radio, TV and printed media.

Whilst your book may not fully written in the 3 days you will have the shell and structure when you leave, a time frame with the steps in place to take to publish and a strong marketing plan.


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