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Decrease Your Menopause Symptoms by 50%
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The 10 symptoms featured in the quiz are the
most common experienced in menopause.

If you ticked Yes to at least 1 question,

(and are bt 45-55 years old),

YOU ARE probably in Menopause!


Menopause is a normal and natural transition in your life!
But symptoms (flushing, insomnia, weight)
Means your hormones are out of balance...

You can decrease symptoms though with hormone balancing.


Why suffer if you can shorten the process?

Without medications and witchery?

Just good old fashion natural advice?

I have compiled ALL the tips I know to help women

understand their body and hormones

And what you can do to balance them in my

Menopause Mastery Kit:


Day by day for 7 days we :

  • Discuss the phases of menopause and explain what is happening in your body
  • Discuss natural options, such as food, exercises that you can start from home.
  • Discuss where you can get the right advice, the pros and cons of HRT and bio identicals

The 7 part Video Series - Mastery Menopause normally sells at $97.00 

BUT I want you to feel better QUICK!




Order NOW & Receive the following bonuses:

  • A copy of My best selling book, Menopause (digital format)
  • And 10 of my favourite gluten free recipes
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Here's what you'll receive:

  • pink

    7-part video series:

    "Finally menopause has been explained to me. Phew, I thought it was worse than that".
    In these short easy to understand videos, find out the good, the bad and the ugly of menopause.
    More importantly how to manage SYMPTOMS yourself without medications so you don't suffer with additional side effects

  • violet

    Bonus #1

    A copy of my best selling book in digital format "Menopause"
    Find out how many of the 34 recognised symptoms you actually suffer with (page 22) and how to treat them naturally.
    Learn about hormones, what role they play and what you need to equip yourself with after menopause
    Discovery ways to treat yourself from home and without HRT!

  • blue

    Bonus #2

    My 10 favourite recipes!
    As a nutritionist I know how important it is to get eating and food right. AND I am an avid believer in nourishment not punishment.
    These are recipes straight from my kitchen - the dishes I feed my children. They are all gluten free. EVEN Better for hormones!


As featured in...

Sam Beau Patrick is a registered nutritionist and naturopath with a 20+ career in nursing and pharmaceuticals.

She has appeared multiple times on national TV and speaks at International Health Events &

considered the go-to lady on women's health and well-being.

"Sam has created a winning mix of sound scientific based research, life experience , and a good dose of common sense that makes this bible on menopause a must read for the modern woman".
-Dr Karen Coates.

Reverse your symptoms, rebalance your hormones
and restore your health with Sam's proven methods.

Yes, I want to discover how to reverse and/or eliminate my Menopause symptoms the safe and natural way.

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