The Inspiring Story of a couple who were told they were BOTH infertile and how they went on to have two healthy, happy babies naturally.

And how You Can too…


Attention couples and individuals wanting to have a healthy, happy baby. Stop fearing what isn’t in your control and start discovering what is in your control & why this approach will help you on your quest.

Get off the fertility/IVF Merry-Go-Round and find the happiness, health and the baby you deserve. Avoid the mistake of over-analyzing, being talked into IVF because of your age and doubting the ability that mother nature installed in you!

To:          All the couples who are “trying to fall pregnant and have a baby.” Would you like to end your frustrations, your financial outpourings, your doubts & your disappointments once and for all?

From:    Sam Beau Patrick - Australia’s No.1 Hormone Naturopath and Fertility Expert who has been helping couples and individuals conceive for over 14 years.

The fact you are reading this means you are concerned about conception, pregnancy and let’s face probably giving birth.


A very natural event has become a stressful one and society doesn’t help.

”When are you guys going to have a baby”

“Your body clock is ticking over you know!”

“What are your career plans – aren’t you worried about missing out on a baby?”

“In my day we all had our babies in our twenties”

People don’t mean to add woe and worry but inadvertently their conversation-openers do.

And of course we are masters of creating our own pressure and time frames too.

I don’t know about you but each time I heard those comments, I would add another layer of pressure, stress, guilt, expectation to myself (and my relationship).

Fortunately despite suffering high testosterone, I had three babies, healthy and happy. But that’s another story. I wanted to share a story about an inspiring couple who saw me a few years back.

Kat originally had come to see me for some anxiety issues back in 2004.

kat and lukeShe was a really switched-on woman and I knew I would get on with her – as a client and as a friend. No rubbish, a straight up and down talker and easy to communicate with. That time we helped her with anxiety and I didn’t hear from her for a few years.
Five years later she returned to the clinic married and wanting to get her body ready for conception.

She had some energy issues, a bit of stress at work and was getting sick a lot.

Her periods were unpredictable and would seem to take weeks to come. After fixing up her energy levels and resolving the ongoing infections, we honed in on her hormones.

She also consulted with her doctor at the same time to see what they could offer and to get some routine blood tests.

I ordered a saliva hormone test to check her hormones (saliva testing for sex hormones is more accurate than any other method according to the World Health Organization – WHO).

Kat’s saliva hormone results showed that she had very high levels of testosterone, which was also confirmed with blood tests. She also wasn’t having periods but this didn’t mean she wasn’t ovulating! (Big note for those you are linking periods with conception – yes it’s ideal but it doesn’t mean you aren’t ovulating or fertile).

I will never forget Kat’s despondent face one appointment after seeing her doctor and gynaecologist. They both had told her that she was infertile.

prenancy failed

My heart went out for her.

My heart genuinely ached and felt sore.

Being told you are infertile is the biggest blow and news to be told.

Weeks later we had news that her husband had a very low sperm count (almost negligent). So he too, was told he was infertile and would not be able to father children.

Being told that one of you has an issue is bad enough, but being told both of you, while sharing the accountability, the self imposed guilt that many feel and more, is really TOUGH!

Imagine (and you probably have) your ideal life including a spouse, kids playing in the back yard, squirting each other with water and running under hoses, to be told when you go to actualise the dream that you can’t. It is a cruel, hard blow.

I have heard it from my clients many times before and still do.

I still feel the person’s (and couple’s) heart break.

It really is awful news.

I don’t want to gloss over this part, like I am being flippant. This news is devastating and sometimes I think it does more harm than good.

Many choose to give up at that point.  Many choose to relinquish all trust and faith in themselves. Instead take on board their doctor’s advice that your “only option is to go through IVF.”

I mean statistics can’t be wrong, right???

And doctors are meant to be the experts, right???

How can you ignore this stuff:

2000 - one in ten couples couldnt conceive naturally

2010 - one in six can conceive naturally

2020? One in four??? Surely not?!

But with the way research and people are going, the 2020 statistic looks realistic.





I know more can be done because that is what I specialise in, but you may not be aware of it, nor will your doctor tell you about it. Not because they don’t necessarily believe in it, but because it is NOT THEIR AREA OF EXPERTISE!

I am a natural fertility expert.

This means I help couples all the time, prime their bodies, their eggs, their sperm, their lives for a healthy happy conception.

Along the way many “medically unexplained issues” such as endometriosis, PCOS & poor sperm count sort themselves out.

But before going to much more into that, I wanted to finish the story of Kat and her husband.

We spent a few sessions working on time management, teaching her how to be mindful of her thoughts and her physical response, to do more fun activities and switch off and how to lower her testosterone.


For her husband, I treated him on my microcurrent machine (he had no sperm at all) but I was confident we could facilitate enough for a baby. He also stopped binge drinking, took all his supplements and ate really well.

They were keen to start IVF as that is what the doctors all said was the only way she would conceive.

I asked for 6 months to try naturally… fortunately she fell pregnant on the fourth month!!!

I will never forget receiving the text from her at 630am. I had to call her back straight away.

“What do two lines mean Sam?”

“Am I really pregnant?”

I am getting goose bumps writing this.

“Yes you are Kat! I am so happy and proud of both of you!” I said.

After being told she had no chance of falling pregnant we received her saliva hormone results back.

They showed Kat had very high testosterone. Medically this is called polycystic ovary disease as it can lead to cysts on the ovaries.

It can also cause:

  • Longer cycle or no periods

  • An inability to relax

  • Anger and rage

  • Belly fat

  • Unwanted facial hair

  • Endometriosis

  • Acne

  • And more…..

Currently 75% of “infertile women” have high testosterone.

This is in the current setting of infertility, equally attributed to male and female issues. 50% male issues, 50% female.

Males have other issues such as poor sperm count, fragmented sperm, sperm with multiple heads, poor swimmers and the like.

In fact when you think about it, conceiving is a TRUE MIRACLE!

But one you can achieve as many before you have.

Back to Kat….

Once we had the saliva result showing her testosterone was sky high, we went about treating it and helped her to stop generating it. There are many techniques I use for this. Many in my books, others I have learned since.

Testosterone is classified as a sex hormone in women but it is driven up by other factors – stress, time pressures, carbohydrates, male work environments, work, finances, sport etc.

I treat high testosterone in woman as a sign of high stress and other issues.

Managing it (in my humble opinion) is best done by helping the woman (and man) manage these elements in a proactive way and by embracing lifestyle elements such as nutrition, exercise, meditation and supplementation if needed.

Working woman are at high risk of developing high testosterone and not being able to conceive!

I say this with confidence as this has become my speciality area.

In 2009 after Kat conceived (I will come back to that story in a minute) I wrote a best seller for women called Beauty and the Beast Within, the hormone changes making women wild.

I know with hormone balancing & with natural interventions, that many of the “infertile couples” can become fertile again.

The solution is not just at the end of a knife or wrapped up in a medical pill.

The ability to conceive, for many, is about having balanced hormones and a relaxed fully nourished body.

And the GOOD NEWS is I know that you can benefit from this information as well.

What I have done is bundle all the things I do in my wellness clinic into an on-line, easy to download pack, that you can do right now.

It includes lots of things for you to do to not only balance hormones but to:

  • Improve your preconception state

  • Improve your body if you are going down the IVF route

  • Answer any questions you have about the medical versus the natural route with regards to fertility, endometriosis, PCO and sperm production

  • Ensure you have a body rich with nutrients, anti-oxidants and more with my eating plans

  • Increase your confidence and empower you in this very natural process.

This pack is an accumulation of 28 years experience in the medical and natural medical fields helping couples successfully have babies (assisted and naturally).

The Ultimate Fit for Fertility Pack includes:

** Cutting edge, simple to understand information VIDEOS

Recorded with Dr Michael Flynn (fertility specialist and gynaecologist) we discuss the latest medical, surgical and natural options for:

videos with

  • PCOS

  • Endometriosis

  • Optimising sperm

  • Fertility and IVF

** Copies of my Books (digital format):

BE Fit for Fertility with my book on conception and pregnancy



  • Fit for Fertility

  • Beauty and the Beast Within

  • Keeping Up - the tech manual on being a man.

** Eating plans, recipes and snack suggestions

  • 8 weeks of eating plans including recipes and tips (all gluten free and egg free)

  • Take the worry out of “dieting.” What to eat, what to avoid, is all listed in easy to follow eating plans.

** A meditation download

  • To help you relax and start balancing your life easily and without having to go to additional classes or take additional pills.

** The Happy Female Formulae

  • The Happy Female Formulae which has five modules explaining optimal nutrition, hormones, stress, time management techniques, how to be more mindful and more


A Complimentary twenty minute consultation with me.

Stop googling, filling your mind with statistics and worry, and talking to friends about IVF!

It is time to discover and learn what you don’t know (and haven’t been taught about your body) the subtle nuances called hormones and health.

So back to Kat’s story.

She and her husband ended up having a healthy pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful boy called Archie.

Two years later they wanted another baby and we told the same news, and again we did our “natural stuff” and they gave birth to their second son.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it is having your own positive experience of pregnancy and conception. Regardless of where you are in your fertility journey you need the Ultimate Fit for Fertility Pack.

Take advantage of the COMPLIMENTARY phone/skype consultation with me, to make sure you are on track for success.

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PS this is from Kat (in her words):

I am not your typical stereotype for hormone imbalance. Yes occasionally snappy, aggressive and physical (at sport) but there is no moustache, deep voice or large body, so how was I to know?

I started my period at 15 and it would come irregularly, every 7-12 months, and last only 2-3 days. I felt blessed! When I was 17 I went on the pill which forced a monthly period and then thought nothing more of it.

When I was 24 I married my husband, Luke. I then came off the pill and used alternative protection to prepare myself for pregnancy in the coming years and level out my hormones as suggested by my doctor.

At the time I was playing AFL frequently so did not want a baby yet! But we then decided to start trying before I turned 25.

I took a pregnancy test every month, but nothing. I wasn’t worried....these things took time I was told.

After 12 months I went to see my Doctor who suggested we do some tests. This is when I found out I have PCOS.

They said this could be managed and pregnancy was still an option and to keep trying for 6 months. 9 months later I was simultaneously referred to a fertility specialist at our hospital and discussed my issues with Sam. Our fertility specialist ordered more scans and blood tests, Sam ordered a saliva test.

Now the call must have been hard for Sam.

How to tell me there was a reason for my’s hard to fall pregnant when you have more testosterone in your body than an average man. In hindsight it was a relief, there was a reason! My testosterone count was!

Sam suggested a 6 month course of treatment that involved a total change of diet, exercise, natural products and the introduction of femininity in my life. I hated forcing myself to have massages and facials at first, but as things improved this soon passed and I was enjoying the pampering and ‘me’ time.

February 2009 our fertility specialist told me that there was some bad news. Given my issues and my test results natural pregnancy was not an option, and the option of IVF was also not guaranteed. They were unsure how successful I would be due to the severity of my ‘condition’.

He told me I should start treatment straight away, and prepare myself for the reality that I may not be able to fall pregnant....ever!

We decided to wait until October to start treatment. We had only been on Sam’s plan for 4 months and there was a lot of information to digest, and planning to do, before commencing an IVF cycle.

4 weeks after that phone call my husband and I were involved in some Friday night groping on the couch, whilst watching sport of course, when I realised my breasts were damn sore. Just by chance I had 1 old pregnancy test in the bathroom and was shocked to see the 2 pink lines!

I called Luke in to check I wasn’t seeing things, and check the packet to see if it did indeed mean I was pregnant. We decided it must be a false reading as the test was so old. So, at 10pm on a Friday night, we drove 20 minutes to the late night chemist and brought 4 more tests. Over the night I took tests every few hours and the same thing was happening....positive, positive, positive, positive!!!

At 6.30am on Saturday I text Sam to call when free, she phoned right away. I told her what was happening and she gave me the reality check of ‘You’re Pregnant, Congratulations!’.

Still in disbelief I continued to do 3 more tests over the next day before seeing my Doctor on Monday to start arranging the next steps of my pregnancy.

Our son, Archie, is now 8 months old. He is gorgeous and perfect and wonderful, as I am sure every mother thinks of their child! My period has returned, and funnily enough I get it naturally, every 28 days.

I am definitely more feminine and less aggressive and I enjoy it.

I wish I had realised earlier in my life that something was not quite right, but I am happy to be on the right track now and enjoy sharing my story to raise the awareness that there is options and answers out there, you just need to look a little. And our result for searching is our beautiful baby boy, the result of much hard work and commitment.....but nobody can doubt he is worth it.