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sea urchin Dieting

[Video] How to stop the diet treadmill

Winter Blues or hormones SAm beau patrick

Is it winter blues or hormones?

Are you feeling flat? The days are shorter, the nights longer and everything seems WAY harder than it is in summer! So let’s be honest here. How are you feeling? Are you as happy as...
Working Women and Fertility Sam Beau Patrick

Why Working Aussie Women Struggle to Fall Pregnant

One of my articles appeared in Women in Tech. Read the article on their page or here. Career success often means pregnancy failure. Infertility in Australia has nearly doubled over the previously...

Does a Mirena lead to Weight Gain?

There are pros and cons with everything you introduce into your body and Mirena is no exception. Skyla is a less potent device but works on same principles. Designed for women as...

Breast Implant Illness

Breast Implants could be making hundreds of women SICK Sitting up in my recovery bed, still only 4 days since having my breast implants removed, called an Explant, I have a strong...


Both sexes make cortisol in response to a "potentially life threatening" situation. It also plays a role in fighting infections - augmenting our immune system. As well as being responsible for our...


Understanding testosterone is my speciality and why Beauty and the Beast Within became a best seller. Both sexes make this hormone although it is considered to be a male hormone (or androgen)....


Progesterone is a wonderful hormone and especially important for women and their cycle. It stabilises the endometrial lining and helps with conception and implantation. In women progesterone can calm us and helps...


Estrogen is a sex hormone produced by both sexes. It is essential for both experience wellbeing and feel good. Many issues arise if not enough estrogen is produced and similarly, too much...