Poly Cystic Ovaries & Endometriosis Latest

Poly Cystic Ovaries and Endometriosis are two very common conditions affecting otherwise "healthy" women. In this 30 minute clip I discuss: Common symptoms of PCO and EndometriosisHow they are diagnosedCommon hormone imbalances...
For years I have been encouraging proactive health rather than people reacting to illness. Green vegetables is the way to protect yourself from many of life's diseases especially reproductive cancers

Green is the new Pink

Protect yourself from breast cancer Green is the new pink - Sam Beau Patrick 2012 For years I have been teaching people the power of running towards better health rather than crawling...
GIn protection for COVID-19

Gin May Protect from COVID-19

Gin is medicinal! For years I have been quipping on about the benefits of gin saying "it's medicinal!" Now, more than ever, home remedies are going to play a role in helping...

COVID-19 Support Group

NEW Covid-19 Support Group kicks off With Covid-19 limiting more of what everyone on the planet considers "normal" I have decided to create a safe place where people are immune to fear,...


Can you protect yourself from viruses and COVID-19? As COVID-19 sweeps the world, people are scared. The medical authorities are on to it and this is not to replace or undermine medical...

How to Pass Through Menopause FAST!

How to Pass Through Menopause FAST! In this face book live, that goes for 12 minutes, I discuss menopause, the common symptoms and how to pass through menopause quickly and naturally. A...

Vitamin B1 – what you need to know


3 Tips to Improve Sleep

This is a face book live I did last year on improving sleep. If you want to follow my face book lives, like my page here. If you need help with your...

Hormones and Work

An interview for Women's International Day Summit