Fertility and deciding to have a baby can be one of the most exciting but also scary times in your life.

Priming your body and mind to it's best to house a baby, is one of the greatest gifts you will give your unborn child.

Hormones, nutrients, stress, anti-oxidants and more play such a significant role in this very natural time in your life. Unfortunately for four in ten couples, natural conception is difficult.

Find out how you can make this time fun, stress-less, full of positive outcomes and a baby.

This short program gives you enough information to iron out any fertility and sub-optimal nutrient deficiencies.


3 sessions with Sam

One saliva hormone test

One Cell well being hair test

Downloadable copy of Sam's book Fit for Fertility

To inquire more, contact Alex Sam's PA to set up your first session.

What They’re Saying


I initially made an appointment with Sam to help improve my low energy levels and general wellbeing. Sam worked with me on my diet, fitness and stress levels to better balance my hormones. I felt super fit and healthy as a result and, amazingly, after two years trying unsuccessfully to conceive, I fell pregnant. I credit Sam’s holistic approach with our success. I had an enjoyable and complication free pregnancy and our healthy little boy Joshua was born last year.

- Maria Thomas

Luke and I married when I was 24. Having a family was always part of our dream and after 12 months of being off the pill and not falling pregnant, I went to a doctor to get some tests. I had a condition called PCOS and was told falling pregnant would be hard. We tried for another 12 months on our own, then decided to see an IVF doctor. Simultaneously we went to see Sam and started a hormone balancing program that including changing our eating, exercising, some supplements and other lifestyle measures. Within 3 months we fell pregnant naturally! It was a shock to us and the IVF specialist. My pregnancy was fantastic and little Archie was born 9 months later. I highly recommend doing everything you can to make your body optimal for pregnancy. A retreat is the perfect way to kick start things and I hope your journey results in a healthy baby too.

- Kat &Luke Pridmore


The journey of fertility and pregnancy can be a wonderful experience for so many people. For others it is a time of doubt, confusion and fear. I have been working with women for 25 years as a specialist gynaecologist and obstetrician and in recent years moving more into IVF and assisting women have babies under more challenging circumstances. The reward is the same whether the pregnancy and baby are made naturally or assisted. Pregnancy with a resulting healthy baby is a great gift for the couples and the overseeing health care provider. Sam has written a heart- felt book from a professional and personal perspective. As she aptly points out the process of conception and pregnancy relies on many factors and whether the couple choose to do it all naturally or assisted is a couple’s decision. BUT in all cases, couples need to address the positive lifestyle decisions (exercising, eating well etc) that can be done simultaneously that will enhance all pregnancy possibilities. This book is a current over view of what you can do to enhance and optimize your chances. I highly recommend it!

- Dr Andrew Davidson
Fertility Specialist and Gynaecologist
Robina,Gold Coast,Queensland, Australia.
Medical Director, CFC-Gold Coast, IVF Clinic

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