Transformational Hypnotherapy Sessions

Hypnotherapy is an exciting and easy way to make significant life and behavioural changes.

Trained in Transformational Hypnotherapy Sam is able to assist you regardless of where you live as she uses a program called zoom. You just need a quiet and comfortable place to allow the process to occur.


Contact Sam's PA Alexandra to book a session. It will take an hour and ideally is done when you are at home in a quiet relaxed space.

Suitable for:

Comfort Eating

Anxiety and nervousness

Weight loss

Relationship break throughs

Business break throughs

Self Belief and confidence

Exercise and lifestyle changes

Please note whilst one session is often enough results are not guaranteed as results vary on your ability to use the suggestions at the unconscious level.

What They’re Saying


I did my very first ever hypno session last week with Sam & all I can say is Wow! 😊I had never done Hypno before and didn't really know what to expect.I was really surprised at how easy I found it. Listening to Sams voice was just soothing I just followed , it felt such a calm place to be & go. Over the last week I have found the work that we did has really made a difference. My thoughts & the way I view food (which was one of our topics) has shifted I have found a lot of emotions & positivity where once there was shame & guilt. I'm so looking forward to my next session and this new found journey with Sam & Hypnotherapy. If your thinking about it, Just do it ! Amazing stuff !!! Thanks Sam 💕💐

- Shayne Gordon

Ready for Next Steps?

I will need a mobile to return your call. If you are overseas please let me know and we can arrange a zoom session.

For other inquiries please email Alex, my PA and she will guide you.

I am looking forward to connecting more and helping you be happy and healthy, naturally.