I treat men with all sorts of issues and have a particular interest in hormone issues.

Men's health:

For men this means lower testosterone, high estrogen and often burn out.

Men are meant to produce high levels of testosterone and when they don't, or if they aromatase, they end up with high estrogen.

When they end up with high estrogen men, develop male breasts, love handles, depression and anxiety, prostate issues and erection issues and generally lose their cutting edge selves!

Men need high testosterone to think clearly, to feel happy and content and to produce babies.

Many of today's health issues in men are due to poor lifestyle options, hormone imbalances and poor eating.

These are some common issues that can be treated naturally and effectively:

  1. prostate issues
  2. over weight males
  3. low sperm
  4. low sex drive
  5. poor sleep
  6. low energy levels

I am happy to help men with their hormone balance.

What can you do men?

Empower YOURSELF with the information in this Tech Manual on HOW TO STAY a man!

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