Peak Performance 101

Peak performance is a must for all areas of life including work, sport and being a parent - just to name a few. 

Being inspired and shown the importance of attending to easy but nutritious meals, moving and strengthen your body and how to attend to daily mindset will increase performance by 10-20%.

High performance requires reflection, mindfulness and active relaxation including healthy sleep habits. Sam has experience in all these areas and has been giving this particular presentation around Australia and South East Asia for over 15 years. 

She looks forward to giving you and your function an easy to understand, motivating presentation with key points and tips that people can implement straight away. 

Contact Sam's PA, Alexandra, for more details and to book. 

What They’re Saying


In 2016 I organised the Global Weight Management Congress in Australia for clinicians, weight loss consultants and allied health care professionals. It was well received and Sam Beau Patrick was a key note speaker and on our panel of experts discussing the role hormones play with weight gain and subsequent loss. She was well received as she gets people thinking, can articulate and resonate with the audience and has engaging content. I can highly recommend Sam for any science synopsis, corporate engagements.

- Sonja Bella

Ready for Next Steps?

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For other inquiries please email Alex, my PA and she will guide you.

I am looking forward to connecting more and helping you be happy and healthy, naturally.