Ever dreampt of writing your OWN best seller?

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

Maybe it would be about your journey through life...

Or maybe about your knowledge on a specialist topic...

Or maybe your book will be used as a marketing tool for your business?

Whatever your reason for writing a book can be one of the most powerful process you will experience.

Writing helps you clarify your message, show your expertise, enable people to day dream through your story telling or capture a time in your life.

Interestingly, writing a book, like public speaking, is perceived to be  daunting and overwhelming, so many don't take up the opportunity.

This will lead to lost sales, lost timing to bring out your message or an opportunity to leave your children a wonderful legacy.

Instead of worrying about what might be, understand that you are not alone in feeling apprehensive.

I would like to take the fear out if the process and invite you to my Book Writing Blueprint Retreat so you can create your book with passion and joy.

Once your creative juices are warmed up and you are given the blueprint, you will be surprised how much of an author you are.

This process is best done away from "the every day distractions" so I invite you to my five day Book Writing Retreat in tropical Port Douglas this October.

This is the outline for the upcoming Port Douglas retreat.

We start on Tuesday 25th October 2022 in the afternoon.

As long as you arrive mid afternoon you will be fine.

The retreat includes a call with me before hand to answer any questions you may have and a guide I have put together on what to expect.

This is the outline of the retreat program and is a guide only as some things may change when we are there.

port douglas sam beau patrick

Tuesday 25th October

Let the Creative Juices Flow

Port Douglas is an hours drive from Cairns.

Most hotels will offer a shuttle or your travel agent can assist with transport from Cairns airport to Port Douglas.

Once you have settled into your hotel, we will catch up at the the villa I have hand selected for our retreat (AKA the Creative Hub), in Port Douglas.

This is a small focused group so no need to arrive hours beforehand for an early registration & to secure a front seat but I do appreciate everyone arriving by 2pm.

I will be focused on each individual and my intention is for each person to achieve their book blueprint or a similar creation over the five days. 

This afternoon, after a mind blowing introduction to what is possible with your own book, we dive into letting go of the rational side of our brain and permit our creative side to flourish. 

The suppressed innovation, ideas, opportunities that lie within one's own mind is surprising and is waiting for the invitation to surface.

We shall spend the afternoon in that process, in a relaxed safe, creative space, using art therapy techniques to unleash your deeper desires.

After time for a swim or pool cocktail, we head off to dinner at a local restaurant that serves amazing tropical and local foods. 

Great Food tonight

Wednesday 26th Discovery Day + Book Writing

Today is a big day of letting the creative juices flow into ideas.

Today you will discover why writing a book is the key to sending your message to the world and an insight the power book writing offers.

We will help you define your "why" and clarify your message.

You can explore what format to write, first person, observational or fictitious. We will discuss the pros and cons of an ebook or book intended to be published, or even a brochure. (Many find this day hugely beneficial for their business aswell).

Once you can see your avatar and audience I will show you how to write specifically to them. 

Then it's pens down and off to the magic Daintree and Mossman Gorge.

Mossman Gorge

The afternoon is spent immersing yourself in nature, allowing the newly creative neuropaths ways to connect and settle. There is a time for a swim in the lush, warm waters of the Mossman Gorge and admire our first nations land, then head up to the Daintree River.

On the Daintree River we embark on a ecofriendly barge that explores the river and grooves of the UNESCO World Heritage Listed river. Crocodiles, birds, fish and plant life are abundant in this part of the world. Have your camera ready.

After a relaxing trip home, we arrive back at the creative hub and you are free to relax and experience Port Douglas. Maybe try a paddle at Hemingsways Brewery?

Hemingway Brewery

Thursday 27th Book Blueprint Revealed

Book titles

Today is the powerhouse day where I show you how to write your book with ease and enjoyment

That's correct, the process of writing should and can be enjoyable.

I will show you the blueprint that has enabled me to write nine published books, with two best sellers.

We will discuss how to construct a book, logical chapters, brainstorm titles and even play with some covers.

This is a fun day and will leave you feeling inspired.

Join the group for a mocktail or cocktail by the pool before enjoying the night off to enjoy for your own leisure and exploring. 

Friday 28th October Leveraging Your Book 


Today we have a late start so you can further explore the region. Maybe organise a helicopter ride over the Great Barrier Reef, snorkel the Lowe Islands, or do a local fishing experience.

We start at 1pm today and launch straight into the power behind book writing.

I will introduce you to the potential once you become a book writer... that's right, once you are a published author and the avenues it can take you on.

If it's one thing I know really well that is how to get your message out to the world.

Having featured on all the main TV stations, leading newspapers, radios and key interviews in magazines I can show you how to take your book to the next level.

You see, once you publish your book, you are an expert.

Join in the fun tonight as we dine at a local restaurant to celebrate our new connections and learnings.

Saturday 29th October Your Book & Media

Today we start at 8am.

I will show you how your book can be used to create speaking opportunities, media gigs, inspire your audience and more. 

Today is our last day and is incredibly mind opening for the entrepreneur or person who wants to leave a legacy.

The day finishes at 12pm.

This will give you time to catch your plane or stay a little longer and really immerse yourself into what is going to be a ground breaking retreat for many.

The retreat is limited to seven people only.

Reserve your place NOW with a non refundable deposit.

The cost for the retreat includes:

  • 5 days of coaching by me
  • My book blueprint to write your best seller
  • 1 afternoon of art innovation and creation
  • 2 Dinners, 2 lunches, 1 morning tea and 3 afternoon nibbles
  • 1 x pool side mocktail or cocktail
  • Bus tour to Mossman Gorge, Daintree River
  • Entry into Mossman Gorge
  • Daintree River Tour
  • My hottest tips for getting in the media, including TV, radio & print
  • The cost for retreat (no accomm) is $3297
  • The cost for retreat (with onsite accom- share bathroom) is $4497

The following is not included in the pricing:

  • Accommodation (unless you upgrade)-
  • Travel flights
  • Travel Insurance (please get your own insurance as there is a refund policy at the bottom of this page)
  • Alcohol
  • Additional water
  • Air port pick ups and drop offs
  • The cost is $4497 AUD

The retreat is loved by all whom attend and I would like to extend the same offerings to you.

BOOK and make a non-refundable $300 deposit.

*** Reserve Your Place only 6 seats left ***

Pay your deposit or in full


** There are only 7 6 spots on this very hands on, book writing retreat so book now ***

Please feel free to send me inquiries directly or any questions you may have to here.

To pay your non refundable deposit click here

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Thank you


REFUND policy

Please note that we encourage the following:

Your own travel insurance that covers you for change of plans, illness, flight issues, or other situations that Covid may have presented for people.

Sam Beau Patrick accepts no responsibility for your change in plans.

We will not refund the non refundable deposit.

We will consider a partial refund of requests made before midnight 17th October 2022

We will not refund any payments after 2400 17th October 2022.


This will be at your own expense. There are double bedrooms with shared bathrooms on site and will be an additional $1200 for the four (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) nights.

Please let me know at time of booking if this is something you are interested in.

port douglas sam beau patrick