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What my clients have to say

  • Healthy staff – healthy business.

    We saw amazing changes in our staff after your first visit; everyone began to really think about what they were eating, drinking and even how much they were sleeping and how they were feeling! The analysis sheet is especially useful as it really explains what’s going on inside you. Staff found it great to have an actual report tailored just to them with personal results and readings.

    We ran a three month challenge throughout the whole company to see who could reduce their cellular age by the biggest percentage – with some great results. Almost everyone joined in and we had fun along the way discussing who was going to have wine and who would opt for juice or water at Friday afternoon drinks -there was a lot of healthy competition flying around the place!

    Overall staff also enjoyed their measurement sessions with you as well, they liked to be able to talk to you about how they were feeling and how they can reduce their stress levels etc. Your expertise was really valued and trusted – plus everyone wanted to have beautiful skin like yours so I think you are a credit to yourself as you obviously practice what you preach!

    The benefit to the business has been great – it’s really important to us to look after our staff, and helping them to look after themselves is an added bonus. Healthy staff – healthy business.

    Holly Hardstaff
    National Mortgage Company
  • You are such an inspiration

    Great seeing you again tonight and seeing you speak…you are such an inspiration and have the ability to affect many people’s lives and that is why I love you…if you believe in something whole heartedly the world is gonna know about it.

    Tammy Ritchie
    First Aid Youcan2

  • We are lucky to have her close

    Sam Beau Patrick, The Health Queen is an expert in health and a person that every one would benefit from meeting. I met her last Wednesday and she is amazing, famous Australia wide, we are lucky to have her close and handy here on the Gold Coast.

    Janelle Mitchell

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