Supporting Female Leadership

The number of females in the work force has significantly increased since the 1980s. 

With popular support to see equal numbers of females and males in the workforce and also in middle and upper management, women are needing to learn leadership skills at a faster pace.

Teaching women in the workplace how to manage their energy, their presence and articulate their opinions are key elements for leadership. As well as learning how to be forthright but compassionate, assertive but not aggressive, and likeable but not disrespected.

Showing and investing in women in your work place will have massive returns in workplace intelligence, emotional intelligence and balance of ideas and productivity.

Sam has been a female leader herself across a few industries including the hospital environment, corporate and for the last 18 years as a self employed business woman and entrepreneur. She communicates effectively, demonstrates compassion and can show women how to balance hormones, energy and work-life balance. A must talk for women in your work space.

Contact Sam's PA, Alexandra, for more information and to check availability. 

What They’re Saying


Sam is a shining light on the health scene. Sam recently presented at a Business Women Inc Forum and was a great success. Her ability to empathise with the audience, combined with her excellent grasp of the subject made for an entertaining and educational session. I highly recommend Sam for your next corporate conference.

- Judi Reid

Business Success Enabler for Leaders | Wellness Ambassador | Executive Coach | Team Builder

I am writing a high recommendation for Sam Beau Patrick who I met almost 10 years ago. Within minutes Sam had diagnosed some key areas of concern for me and worked well on executing a health plan with me. I am a breast cancer survivor and having been through treatment she was able to get my body functioning well again and feeling healthy. As my cancer was hormone based she had some valuable insight and recommendations. I also engaged Sam in my business to help support the health of a great group of high achieving women. She was able to add tremendous value to my team as well. I have kept in touch with Sam for many years and would highly recommend her services on every level to you. I am more than happy to be contacted for further information as I love to support talented women in business.

- Michelle Sneesby
Managing Partner


"Sam has been assisting people to better health globally for many years. Sam is highly skilled and very passionate about working with people to improve their quality of life

- Maria Healy
Corporate Manager

Ready for Next Steps?

I will need a mobile to return your call. If you are overseas please let me know and we can arrange a zoom session.

For other inquiries please email Alex, my PA and she will guide you.

I am looking forward to connecting more and helping you be happy and healthy, naturally.