Work-Life Balance

In the modern work environment the emphasis is on productivity and making money. However, these are compromised if people are operating below their full best, doing long hours, not having regular breaks and not switching off.

Educating staff on the importance (and how) to switch off and replenish, so they can be alert and contributing 100% whilst at work is very important.

It has also been shown over and over that investing in staff and encouraging healthy habits, leads to less sick leave and less work cover claims.

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What They’re Saying


Sam is a knowledgable, engaging presenter, author and solver of health-related problems. She is creative in her approach and always delivers incredible results. I highly recommend her as both a practioner of complementary medicine and as a fantastic presenter!

- Sarah Dyson
Marketing Consultant & Co-ordinator

My journey to health and wellness really started about 8 years ago. Like a lot of women in their forties I wanted to lose weight not only to look better but to feel better and have more energy to be a better wife, mother and business professional. The problem was, after achieving this goal I was still missing the vitality and energy that I so desperately wanted. I was eating well, exercising, practising mindfulness and yoga but there was still something missing, Meeting Sam and conducting a series of tests which very quickly identified what was missing, I commenced a program of supplements which I have to say have turned my life around. I now know, that all those unpleasant side effects of middle age, hot flushes, mood swings, insomnia and fatigue are fixable ! My advice to any woman feeling that she deserves more physical wellbeing is to put your hand up. There is a better way of being.

- Kellie Burns

Kellie Burns

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