The 12 Healthy Days of Christmas -Day 3-Reduce Stress

On the third day of Christmas we started having MORE FUN!

For years I have been encouraging people to stress less. Which actually didn’t mean a lot to people.

It was only when I started saying “have more fun” that people got it.

BUT ” how do I have fun, I have forgotten” is the typical response.

Try this:

Write down 10 things you used to do as a child that made you laugh and have been your fondest memories. For example: going to the beach and getting an icecream after.

Come up with 10!

Then over the next few days revisit your childhood. Do each one! Who cares?! Have more fun.

By reducing your stress hormones, you will drop your cortisol which will lead to less inflammation, less pain, less allergies and better weight control. FUN is where it is at.


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