Canyoning in the hinterland

It’s late winter and we are after a new challenge.

My friend, a professional abseilor suggests some canyoning. Perfect I say!

We struggle to find places to freelance abseil but stumble across a little known place on the way to Springbrook. It called  Back Creek Gorge at Beechmont (Killarney Glen) and you will have to google to find it but we did, so no doubt you will too.

We were expecting an abseil into a single pond but what we discovered was way more incredible!

Waterfall Beechmont Gold Coast

The Back Creek Gorge is a a six hour adventure traveling down loads of water falls, all with varying challenges and degrees of difficulty. Even with my still broken toes, I have a ball.

Absailing Gold Coast

The only way out, as night falls, is straight up through the bush. Starting to realise that our food rations might get put to the test, and an overnight stay in the wilderness is on the cards, we both forge on. Up, scratched and out.


I have a ball and would do this type of adventure again and again. BUT I would suggest only going with an experienced abseilor. You needed to know your knots and not lose your cool. Not for the faint-hearted.