Career Success Often Means Health Failure

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November 2023                                                                                                Sam Beau Patrick

Career Success Often Means Health Failure. Why Corporate Demands Lead to a Fat Stomach and Why This is Deadly.

Corporate ladders, KPIs, furthering studies, impressing the “boss” are all the games/strategies one embarks upon when entering the Corporate World. This potentially deadly game requiring nerves of steel.

The pressures, the deadlines, the expectations, and performance deliverables are often unrealistic in  typical 38-hour week requiring people to work extra hours, through lunch breaks and even weekends. Whilst this is accepted by those who want to climb for higher success, many are not aware of the health collateral this stress creates. The increased pay, importance or greater perks may come with a non-disclosed health trade off.

The insipidus stress and pressure can lead to sleep issues, irritation, lowered moods, lowered immunity and stomach fat issues.  This is because the body’s natural survival system, the flight or fight (sympathetic nervous system) is in overdrive.

When the body is in this hyper aroused state day after day, the two key hormones, testosterone and cortisol increase insulin. This insulin spike leads to the body treating all food as fat which then activates a process called lipogenesis (lipo = fat, genesis = to make).

In times of stress the body stores this fat around the stomach.

Stomach fat is a predictor of heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, many cancers and more. Aside from the deadly health issues, it affects people’s self esteem and belief, ironically often sabotaging a person’s confidence when going for a new job or promotion!

Best Selling Author Sam Beau Patrick, wants to discuss easy hacks to decrease a fat stomach. The tips  are a culmination of observing and helping people in corporate roles for over 20+ years in her clinic.

“When your brain is on, your guts is off. These are two opposite physical states so to eat when you are stressed, or your brain is on, will usually result in the body switching to lipogenesis, a much more efficient way of handling calories. I.e. sugars, carbs are turned to fat. Insulin is the key hormone that does this, but it is influenced by cortisol and testosterone (our stress hormones),” says Sam.

These are my hot tips for corporate persons to have a flat stomach:

  1. Mind on = gut off. Make sure your mind is OFF = GUT on.
  2. Limit white coloured high GI foods unless just after exercising. This will avoid the insulin spike which leads to lipogenesis
  3. Exercise means that your body isn’t as reliant on insulin to help glucose (carbs) into the cells. Exercise, every little bit, is essential.

Sam a survivor of the corporate world now educates others on how to maintain health during the pressured lifestyle and avoid burn out!  Her latest book, “Weight it’s Your Hormones” offers many more tips. Sam has appeared multiple times on Today and Today Extra and wants to help more people with these easy health hacks.

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