If you had $75,000,000 what would you do?

Would it involve charity and volunteering?

What a great question my friend and client asked me three days ago.

What’s your passion?

With out pausing, I recited my dream as a ten year old to give every orphan in the world a hug and someone to love them. To offer them hope and opportunity and to make sure they have somewhere to sleep at night.  How I would split my time?

It would be split between charity work, raising my children and traveling doing art, writing blogs, making documentaries and doing interviews.  To educate, empower and inspire women. That is my passion.

Next thing I know he has arranged for us both to go to Nepal. It feels like a miracle!

Budda orphanage

Playing with the kids at the Budda orphanage

The not-for-profit organisation that I am involved with, Journey Nepal, is doing some work there at the moment and I had wanted to be there with them.

Unfortunately with my toes broken in Bali, parting with a significant amount of money to fix them (as my insurance didn’t cover hospital costs), I had doubted my ability to get to Nepal. I was there in 2013 and have been wanting to go back to help more.

And now we are off.

We will be arranging supplies to a school village via a helicopter where we will stay for a few days and help build the school and village. Then back into town to check out the women’s refuge centre that Anne has set up. I am taking a suitcase full of children’s clothes to the kids in the orphanages, some beanies for village children and health bars and more!

Handing out pencils and paper in Nepal hill tribes

Why I like charity and volunteering.

I really love the energy positive charity creates. I can’t exactly put it into words but if you have ever given someone something spontaneously, just because you had something they didn’t… you will know what I mean. It is an energy like no other.

So for me, this is something I have recognised from a young age… or maybe it’s a calling. I don’t exactly know but if it’s been a while since you have done something for some one WITHOUT expecting any return give it a go. See if you experience what I experience … a flood of love and gratitude.

In my rapid preparation for  Nepal, people are happily helping out, donating money, goods and good will. I even have friends looking after my daughter for few nights while I am away.

I feel extremely fortunate to have this opportunity and know that so many will benefit once I am in Nepal.

If you did wish to donate, you can do so via my gofundme page.

Hospital and Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

Young girl in the Hospital and Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

Have you thought about what you would do if you had $75,000,000 sitting in the bank and never needed to work again?

Honestly what would you do with your time and energy?

It’s worth pondering this and knowing what you would do.

Discover your passion, follow your dreams, live your truth.

It’s amazing how easily things come together when you know what you want and what your life would look like.

My life might sound far fetched unless you are nearly doing this… and fortunately for me I nearly am. Life is amazing.

A family I sponsor in Nepal 2013

Last week I was camping at Byron with my children, surrounded by amazing people, then Friday I was talking at a fund and awareness raiser for domestic violence in women. Then this Saturday I am off to Nepal doing a few weeks volunteering. I feel truly blessed and fortunate to do what I do.

This is a big part of what makes me tick. I discovered early in my life that this is my calling/my passion.

I will be posting my travels and adventures on this blog and I welcome you to be a part of this adventure. Feel free to add comment and marvel at the beautiful people I am about to meet and introduce you to.


A new mum at Patan hospital