Charity Projects for July

A BIG part of what I do and who I am is giving back and sharing.

These are my projects for the upcoming weeks. If you would like to chip in send me an email or contact me on FB. Together we can help ease someone else’ pain and suffering.

1. Wheel chair for Wayan


Wayan is a father of two in Bali whom I have met a couple of times.

He is bed bound (quadriplegic) from a bamboo incident nearly three years ago. With no wheelchair he is bound to his room and his wife does her best but getting him out and about from his tiny room would be fantastic. I am heading back to Bali on 15th July and would love to take a wheel chair, bed transfer aids, slide sheets and medium uridoms .

2. Rebuilding Nepal

Having traveled to Nepal and assisting with some fund raising events, this week I am giving a percentage of sales from my menopause weight loss program to Nepal. I have been involved with orphanages, hospitals and will revisit in the next few months to offer more. At the moment they need financial aid to buy food, and after the monsoons they will start rebuilding the decimated towns.

These are some photos I took in Bhaktapur – a town outside of Kathmandu.

If you look at the photo of the rubble, you will see the statue below with the boy, is now under rubble in the photo below. I don’t know the fate of these beautiful children but the whole town was decimated in the earthquakes . So sad.

I am talking in Melbourne on 2nd September with Olympian Lauren Byrnes and Tough Mudder inspiration Deanna Blegg. More on this as it unravels. Until then you can donate directly via Journey Nepal.


3. There’s something about Mary – My friend with MS

I have a dear friend, Mary, who was diagnosed with MS 10 years ago. She is off to Russia in September for a stem cell graft. Mary is funding it all herself and working hard to raise the money (she needs approximately $70,000). I would like to sell this painting and donate the money to her trip. I had an offer for it a few years ago for $600 but would be happy with any offers over $350. Send me an email if you are interested in the pastel, or if you would like to donate directly this is her page.

It is 66cm x 80 cm. Pastel and framed in a silver matt frame.

It was a photo of a Parisian Florist that I took in 2009.


4. DEBRA Australia

This is an Australian Based support group for Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) a terrible skin condition that is very painful and is like having third degree burns. I have committed to sell 5 x $100 raffle tickets in their fundraiser. One ticket $100 buys you an opportunity to win $25,000 in travel or electronics or a car or motor cycle! There are only 1000 tickets so your chances are good. Send me an email NOW to secure your ticket!

I haven’t posted photos of the skin disease as it is very confrontational. Google if you like, the affected are mainly children.


Thanks so much for your care and love. It goes a long way and I only get involved with projects that I have researched and know the money is going directly to the person (and not admin). Please share with your friends as you never know who may be able to help out.