What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis, or often shortened by us gals to Endo, is considered to be a hormone imbalance and inflammatory condition that affects women.

Random bits of endometrial tissue migrate out of the encapsulated womb and migrate around the pelvic cavity. This causes severe pain and scarring over time that can leave women infertile. 

The endometrial tissue responds like it would in the womb. So just before the period will thicken, and during the period time will bleed.

This leads to bleeding in the pelvic cavity which HURTS!

It results in agonizing periods, heavy periods and often scar tissue.

Research states it to be as high as two in ten women.


The severity of endometriosis is often not fully appreciated until a laparoscopy is done by a doctor.

BUT typically women tell you of a heavy drawing pain in their tummies, debilitating back pain or down their legs, just before or with their periods, heavy, clotty periods and some even faint. 

What causes Endometriosis?

Whilst mainstream medicine claims the causes are "unknown" I have found a strong correlation between high estrogen levels, stress and food intolerances.

Inflammation in the body can be caused by many things, including foods, stress, bacteria, candida just to name a few.

Often dairy, grains and sugar can inflame the body and the removal of these can assist with the severity of the symptoms of endometriosis.


This can be assumed from your history alone, but a medical diagnosis usually follows a laparoscopy (surgery).

A normal healthy period should last 4-5 days, have the heaviest day on day 2, and on the maximum day, only use 4-5 pads, or 4-5 tampons. Anything more than this is a heavy period and may indicate endometriosis.

Saliva testing will usually indicate high estrogen, sometimes low progesterone. These are areas that I can assist you with. 


Natural ways are superior in my mind. They treat the underlying cause (high estrogen, inflammation) and can prevent it reoccurring.

Medicine tends to involve surgery and scrapping and removing the inflamed tissue.

The oral contraceptive pill doesn't really impact NOR balance hormones but is often suggested by doctors to "give you a break from heavy periods".

If you are interested in the hormone saliva test check it out here.

More info

This is a video clip made by a medical specialist Dr Michael Flynn and myself a few years back.