Europe – to plane, train or helicopter?


Well firstly whenever it’s an option take a helicopter.

It is the best way I know to travel.

Up in the air but close to the environment, a helicopter gives you an intimate connection with your surroundings.

I usually take the helicopter from Nice to Monaco and it is a 7 minute trip of a life time.

Or several life times if you travel there a lot. I use Heli Air Monaco but Monaco Air also as good.


Planes in Europe are easy, from budget to first class. Depending on where you want to go and how quickly you need to be there,  a plane makes great sense, especially if traveling across 2-3 countries.

There are many discounted websites to purchase tickets from, try,,  or


Ocaissionally catching a train will be quicker than a plane. But more importantly I find them quite convenient. You need to work out the time lag from getting to the airport, the check in procedure, boarding, the hassle of waiting for your bag to off load then getting to your hotel. Sometimes trains are more direct and quicker.

Today I have decided to take the train from Zurich to Rome as it is only 6 hours, and uses the fast train system. The scenery along the way is pretty and overall it is less stressful than catching a plane. It is actually cheaper than flying and I worked out it was about the same time, once you check in with an airline, flying, and disembarking. 

Weigh things up and you will often find in Europe a train is a better way to travel.

And remember, whenever helicopter is an option, take it!