Giving a BIG GREEN LIGHT activity

As I wax lyrically on a beautiful winters afternoon, I am drawn to the magic of giving. And now that I am constructing a blog about my thoughts it has struck me that I am a HUGE subscriber of “giving” for multiple reasons.

Giving by one doesn’t need to take.

I don’t know if good kharma exists but I do know that giving repays you 10 fold!

I have been thinking about a lovely beautiful friend who gave me 2 big bags of mandarins, some veggies and a bar of goat’s milk soap 3 weeks ago. Those mandarins were shared amongst my kids, extended family, patients and mates. The veggies fed my family for a week and the soap lathers on… Generous Jac didn’t realise at the time that she was going to impact and bring amazing gifts to at least 12 people!

That’s the thing with giving – it seems to have a massive ripple pond affect and something given with love (eg a bag of fruit) is charged with extra ordingary energy or vibrancy.

There are so many things that one can give to!

You can give: time, love, smiles, food, hugs, comments, compliments anything. Anything that is not taking is giving.

And the added bonus is that the ACT OF GIVING seems to be a big FAT green light activity.

If you don’t know what green light activities are – you must follow my facebook or listen to one of my talks about the Health Queen’s Traffic Light for Time management.