Hop into Health – the POWER of RAW!

Today on Hop into Health, we discussed RAW food with Bryn Morgan (Raw Connections) and why it is so powerful and popular. Podcast here (some tracks removed – will have track listed on spodify).

Eating raw means eating ALIVE foods!

So if you are feeling low on energy or like you are not ALIVE, then start eating more RAW…and feel your energy and life soar.

Eating Raw foods has been the staple of many traditional diets including the Artic Inuits and Siberian Nenet tribe. Even Japanese embrace a large component of raw eating.

As foods become more tainted with chemicals and preservatives many are looking for a more pure, wholesome alternative. RAW might be it.

Q: Where did the raw movement start?

A: Raw foods and the raw diet was recognised by Maximilian Bircher-Benner (who made museli) in Switzerland in 1897. He had a health sanatorium and was a strong advocate of raw foods. He also advocated “..patterning your life after the logic determined by nature..” (makes sense to me **Sam)

In 1939 Weston Price documented the connection between eating lots of raw foods and good dental health. Then in 1984 Leslie Kenton wrote a few books and showed that raw foods had a higher nutrient content compared to cooked foods.  With book Raw Energy, Eat Your Way to Radiant Health, people learned to juice, sprout seeds and harness the powers of raw foods to heal.

This has been followed by many great raw foodies including: David Wolfe, Gabriel Cousens, Christine Bucaran, Gabriel Chavex and Ann Wigmore.


Q: What cooking processes are a no-no if doing the raw thing?

A: No heating food basically – no stir fries, no roasting, no frying, no BBQing, no steaming and no boiling

Q: What food processes are permitted?

A: Dehydrating, juicing, processing, blending, sprouting and freezing. These processes don’t impair the nutrient qualities of the food. Plus they contain chlorophyll which is packed with chelating qualities (takes heavy metals and free radicals out of your body) and gives LIFE!

Q: What things can be eaten raw?

A: The majority of raw eating tends to make most vegetarian but you can eat raw meats (like the Japanese) or marinate meats/kefir. Foods commonly used for raw foods are : fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and legumes.

Q: What does sprouting entail?

A: Sprouting is the process where nuts, seeds or legumes are bathed in water, usually for 8 hours and this can activate enzymes in the food which leads to easier digestion. The product sprouted can then be ground up, processed and used as a meal, whole or blended and strained to make milk.

Q: What pieces of kitchen equipment do I need if I am going to go RAW?

A: A dehydrator is good (aim to spend $300-500) Excalibur is a good brand and you can buy 5 or 9 draws. 9 draws makes more sense as you can prepare more food at once.

A juicer is a must and you can get single or double grinder. These types tend to extract more nutrients from the plants as centrifuged ones will leave a lot of moisture (and therefor nutrient ) in the pulp. Aim to spend $500 – 1000 on a good juicer (Samsung, green star or Lexor good brands).

A processor or blender is also a good kitchen aid!

All can be purchased via Bryn www.rawconnections.com.au

Q: If someone wanted to start with juicing what is a good start?

Fruit juice: apple, orange, lemon and ginger

Vegetable juice: carrot, celery, apple and beetroot

Green smoothie: lettuce, rocket, kale, pear, apple, spirulina

Crackers, beetroot dip and museli.

Q: What are some other ideas?

A: Making crackers with seeds and blended vegetables (use the dehydrator), spaghetti with a mincing spiral machine, soups, salads, sweets

Q: What is the secret in sweets?

A: using natural sweeteners makes a massive difference. Dates are great, and natural syrups.

Q; What are the health benefits of eating raw?

A: High nutrients, less processed chemicals, no preservatives, no additives,no colours. Becoming a raw foodie often means less alcohol, less coffee, less tobacco, less or no meat and is better for the planet and your body!

Q: Where can people find out more?

A: Follow any of the people mentioned above, follow Bryn at Rawconnections and buy some books!

This Sunday 21st April at Kirra Hill, Bryn is holding a raw food class 11-2pm. Connect via his website.

Bryn on Hop into Health this morning

Tune in next week when I talk power food combining with chef Ronaldo.