Ice Skating on the Gold Coast

Ice Skating on the Gold Coast

Winter has set in on the Gold Coast and the kids and I are looking for activities to do. I suggest ice skating and the kids leap at the idea.

It doesn’t sound right does it? A mecca for surfing, sunbaking and bush walking, the Gold Coast attracts people who love the sun and surf.  However in winter it is winterish and ice skating makes sense.

We put on snow gear and head up the road to Ice Land, only 10 minutes from Surfers Paradise.

Ice skating on the Gold Coast

The prices are reasonable, and includes skate hire and as a parent, the session of 90 minutes is perfect.

There is a “warm” room for non-participants and that’s where I bail up with my laptop. It’s perfect, the kids skating, I am blogging and warm!

After a few circuits the kids start to pick it up and aside from some spills, they really enjoy it.

It’s a great day out and something we will be doing again and as a parent looking for healthy activities for children to do in winter (that uses up their energy) this is perfect 🙂