What causes infertility?

There are a many causes for infertility.

In Australia the issues are lying equally with men and women, most are hormone related.

In women, high testosterone or high estrogen is the leading cause, affecting 75% of infertile women.

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With men, the issue is largely lying with dysfunctional sperm from either a lack in testosterone, too much estrogen , or low antioxidants such as zinc, selenium etc.

Radiation, electro frequencies are also damaging sperm but hormones and anti-oxidants need addressing first.

Symptoms of infertility

Infertility is considered when there is no pregnancy after 12 months of unprotected sex.

However - many couples I interview in my clinic don't know when they are ovulating and not having sex at the right time of the month, (or sex at all).

You may have been diagnosed with PCOS or Endo or both and been told your chances are low.

I am a firm believer that if you tubes are open and you are having periods, then conception is possible.

Diagnosis of infertility

If you are reading this chances are you have touched base with at least a GP and maybe a fertility specialist.

Remember they dabble in IVF and surgical intervention.

I use natural medicines, balance your body and optimise your fertility through a rested body, good nutrition and making sure the ducks are lined up behind the scenes.

That's when women conceive and hold pregnancies.

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Treatment for infertility

Rather than thinking of fertility as needed treatment , consider you body needs nourishing and balancing.

I have a book on fertility and it has helped many people fall pregnant

I also have a book for men on optimizing their testosterone here.

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I would also strongly recommend doing a saliva test, especially if you have had hormone inducers, failed IVF, miscarriages etc. Click here.  Men and women can do the saliva test for valuable information.

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More information on infertility

This is a TV interview I did on fertility and career women.