Is Julia Gillard leading a feminist revolution?

Sometimes I can get drawn into watching a whole tournament of sport such as the US Open or a cricket test match. And just like a good sporting tournament, Australian politicians have become engaged in an arm wrestle over the last few days.

I am a bit of a fence sitter when  it comes to politics but I am finding the recent political jibes at our prime minister (female) have become extremely personal has gone to far. I am writing this blog more about the culture in politics surrounding women and sexism. And from a female health perspective, WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ANGRY FEMALE POLITICIANS?

What’s going on sistas??

The labor front bench (nicknamed the Hand bag hit squad) are on the “attack” or defence depending on which side of the fence you are sitting on and every interview I have seen in the last few days has involved insults and verbal onslaughts that makes me cringe. Even the female interviewers are being nasty and rude!

Sexual denegrations, abuse and attacks about each other’s leader. Claims and insults hurling shame comments,  misogynist ( a man who hates women), feminist, bitch, witch and on it goes. Back and forth, like a great match of tennis. Just when you think there is no place of return, smack the other party takes it down the line further.


I’m finding the dialogue used quite rude, disrespectful and full of hate.

The last 2 weeks have seen the PM (Julia Gillard) lose her dad, Alan Jones being contraversial and now the Peter Slipper resigning over a lucid act of his own doing.

Australian politics has become male versus female, not liberal versus labour .

And I guess in a  metaphoric way, or energetic way maybe that is true. Liberals; capitalist, practical, masculine, hunt and kill, whilst Labor is feminine, socialist, global and idealistic.

Alan Jones 2GB made some remarks that were inappropriate and I am sure he is well aware of that. But is it any different to some drunk in a pub heckling you? He should have held  a press conference the following day, made a full apology and left it at that. And I think Alan we are all still expecting you to apologise.


I guess the issues of living in a democracy is that people can publicly put you down. And even if the remarks are found to be defamatory the damage is already done. If we want openness to speech, freedom of voice, raw data and unedited media, then we will be shocked.

All of the shock and uncensored issues aside (that is why Julian Assange has so much appeal right), I still want my edited bubble of content by my political leaders.

I want our politicians to be inspiring and calm.

I believe the Wiggles,  Jamie Durie or Jamie Oliver would make better political leaders at the moment – they look healthy, are inspiring and have a massive sense of community and THEY DEMONSTRATE RESPECT for other people.

They are inspiring our kids through bright pictures, fun jingles and wonderful morals. Are our politicians doing this for us “big people? I really don’t think so.

My point is not that I want the Wiggles to run Australia but I would like Julia and Tony to have some time playing with the Octopus and Dorothy. Find your fun, happy side again.  Stop bickering. Clean up your language.

Tony back Julia up if she is called a witch or other terrible names. I am sure you would stop your kids mates from booing someone on the opposite team. Show some leadership in a non-patronising way.

Julia stop ranting at Tony – you might feel right, you might be right, but on TV your verbal assault comes across as hormonally imbalanced and is probably doing more harm than good.

Julia, cut Tony some slack. I have no idea what he is like but if he is a decent bloke, and I am sure he is, he just isn’t a sparky charismatic leader, then don’t put him down personally. Keep the issues about politics. Tony vice versa.

All the other women in the Labour front bench, chill out. You are all so angry at the moment. I seriously dont find it sexy and appealing. I find it SCARY and I am a woman.


Find your soul sistas and regroup. Let’s make politics about policies and healthy change not high school bickering.

I don’t want man haters running my country and I don’t want women haters running my country.

Let’s return to policies affecting our nation. Start inspiring us and if you need some help with hormones, I am happy to visit Canberra and address the floor!