Japanese in Broome

Lunch time and it’s eat time.

I am over in Broome, Western Australia, wanting to immerse myself fully in the local food fan-fair.

Funnily enough, we find ourselves at the local Japanese – Azuki Fusion.

The shop frontage under-represents what’s behind it’s front doors.

Once in side (make sure you wait to be seated) the atmosphere is great.

It’s hot and open aired but very relaxed and friendly. Oh there’s a really tropical breeze that goes through it making it which helps with any menopause flushes! 

Scotty and Rani, the owners, have been dedicated to the restaurant for over 10 years.

It is popular in town and is the go to reliable place for food.

I must say, after my experience last night, I am relieved to find somewhere I can always go to in Broome that will serve incredible food… Healthy food!

The food awesome.

We have the following Japanese delights:

Gyoza – pan fried dumplings filled with Kimberley Banana prawn, edamame peas and shitake mushrooms, topped with sesame ponzu.

Tasmanian Salmon aburi – Raw scorched salmon on sushi rice, with mayo, traditional BBQ sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi and crispy onion.

And a side of seaweed salad.

The Gyoza are delicate, tasty and great food. I wanted to order the Age Dashi Tofu (deep dried tofu in broth topped with tempura sweet potato but will leave that dish for another day).

The salmon is fantastic.

Scotty enhances the natural flavours and textures of salmon by lightly grilling it (scorching). It is such a delicate, delicious fish when cooked right.

All in all, a very relaxed, delicious, healthy meal.

Dessert is a flour free chocolate cake… decadent and devine.

I give it the following ratings:

Service: 10/10

It’s BYO BIG tick

Food: 10/10

I rate this restaurant as one of Broome’s best!

Go there if you are in town. They are only Monday – Friday….

Serve gluten and dairy free.

And if you are looking for a side business or bringing your own creative flare to an established restaurant, these guys are selling! Contact them here: azukicatering@bigpond.com.