Lower Your Testosterone Levels Naturally & Without Medication

Have you been told that you have high testosterone levels?


Maybe you have a very strong suspicion (get annoyed easily and always seem to have so much to do)…


Maybe you suffer with many of it’s unwanted hallmarks; stubborn belly fat, pimples, excessive hair growth on your arms, face and whiskers, PCO or infertility….

Managing it naturally is by far the most empowering way to treat it. You don’t need medications to lower your testosterone if you harness these steps!

Treat it yourself.

Find out what drives it up in you and then look at doing things a different way.

Could it be that simple?

Surely becoming more mindful and aware of your body and decisions couldn’t lead to such a big impact on your health?! Yet surely it does.

Simply catching your thoughts and working out whether they are happy ones, stressed one, angry ones or otherwise helps us stop and change our outcomes.

If we are feeling stressed, ask oneself “why”? Have I over committed to too much today, am I tired, do I need to eat better?

Strive for happy and relaxed.

When we smile, the whole world smiles with us.

This clip goes for 8 minutes and highlights SIX MORE POWERFUL things you can do to balance your testosterone levels naturally and on your own.

Oh, yes I remembered a bonus seventh included at the end of the video!

Sam xox

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