Nusa Lembogan

Finally I have had to resign myself to the fact that today I can only squeeze in a massage and snorkel at most.

As Western though patterns and chasing leaving my body, so does stress.

I feel myself decompressing like a tension chamber that has become unaccustomed to it’s own internal pressure – in actual fact using it for fuel to chase down more business. I need to step back and I have.

Yesterday I jumped on a plane to Bali with a small back pack, some face masks to deliver to Solemen ( A charity I support here) and little else. I had a sense that escaping to Nusa Lembogan would provide me with my next life lessons, poignant and gentle as Mother Bali delivers, so headed for Sanur to catch a ferry.

There are plenty of ferry companies that cross the 45 minute stretch all day. No need to book ahead and it shouldn’t cost more than 400 rupiah return.

I had to wait a while for mine, but I have learned that the waiting is part of Bali unravelling you from what you know, to where you need to be.

I relish in the wait.

With no accommodation booked, I figure that I could do something about it while the ferry is coming. Incredibly I secure a room in a hut that is truly magic and I feel so incredibly grateful to have been directed here.

A generous local drove me to the villas and would not accept any money for the trip. It sounds naive but I know the favour will be returned one day.

My digs for the night are out of this world – incredible views, and I feel I have arrived at the cusp of heaven and earth.

I settle in, have some mandatory spring rolls, a gin and tonic then go exploring.

It is a full moon and the night light makes for easy walking to Dream Bay.

Today i will explore more and post more tomorrow.

My creative flow is back and I feel alive again. Thank you Mother Bali.