Sam Beau Patrick #10 Menopause Blogger in the World!

I am so determined to spread the word about hormones world wide that when awards like this come my way I feel totally flattered and honoured.

Voted #10 world wide menopause blogger.

I have been voted #10 menopause blogger and website world wide. 

I write for people…

For the person struggling…

And the person confused about whom to trust.

In a busy on-line world, with many self proclaimed specialists, it’s really hard to know who to trust.

Should it be the person who solved their issue with some exotic fruit and is now trying to sell it MLM style?

Often these people have the great blogs…

Or is it the medical sites who give you only the medical approach to managing hormones?

It’s really tricky.

And if I might defend the naturopaths and nutritionists of the world, finding the fine balance between blogging and working (in the clinic) is tough.

Many of my colleagues are awesome at what they do but have small clinics and small numbers to report on.

The busy natural medicine clinicians often don’t blog… from a financial perspective they don’t need to. From a time perspective they don’t have the time!

I am fortunate.

I make time to up skill in education, run a busy clinic and love disseminating information.

This award is pure joy for me! Very grateful to receive it and I will keep sharing information as I can.

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