The Lawn

Reclining back, watching the last of another magic Balinese day, I giggle at the outlook of The Lawn. It is like a piece of Seminyak in Canggu. A little piece of glamour in the surf village.  I don’t mind it for a change but I know it wont’ become my local. I am still an “Old Man’s” gal!

The Lawn is impressive though.

Perched on the beach, tastefully hidden, and discrete, you can chill on reef mats, watching the sun set.

It is pseudo kid friendly with an infinity pool, chez lounges and a couple of bar areas.

The cocktails are fairly standard for Bali – good, still cheaper than most parts of the world. I was a little disappointed with the menu and food but that might because I had been spoilt for organic raw choice all day, and gorging on pizza really didn’t tick my fancy. I am sure many would love their American quasi global menu.

The Lawn in summary is definitely worth a sunset visit – it maybe your thing, but you won’t know until you have been there at least once!