Vitamin A

Can’t see in the night, been told to eat your carrots so you won’t go blind?

These are referring to your Vitamin A levels.

I am surprised how many people are still low in vitamin A on their hair analysis.

Vitamin A is easy to find in apricots, carrots, fish, green leafy vegetables,liver, mint and egg yolk but if you are not eating those foods you could be LOW!

Vitamin a (retinol) is lost with cooking foods (15-35%)

It may help with many conditions including:

Allergies, Acne, cysts, skin issues (keratosis – fine bumps on your skin), eczema, arthritis, asthma, cancer, cervical dysplasia, fibrotic breast disease, MS, pancreatic and gall bladder disease, dementia, psoriasis, wound healing, coeliac disease, night blindness, bone growth, lowered immunity, sinus and upper respiratory issues and more.

You have to be careful not to have really high doses while pregnant otherwise vitamin A is an important one to have on board.

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