The 12 Healthy Days of Christmas – Day 1- Green is the NEW Pink

The healthy 12 days of Christmas


On the first day of Christmas we ate more greens.

2-3 cups a day of green leafy vegetables such as herbs, asian greens, salad greens and vegetables.

Greens are high in phyto nutrients, will alkalise your body and provide it with many vitamins and minerals (silica, magnesium, iron, vitamin C and more)

This is how I ensure I get all my greens in and never get bored:

1 x bunch of green leafy vegetables from organic markets

1/2 bunch of green herbs (my favs are parsley, corriander, dill)

1/2 cup of seeds or nuts

Chop finely and simply add all together with your favorite salad dressing!

You will never make the same salad twice!

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