3 Effective Detox Methods

It's spring time and time to cleanse and detox!

It's Spring time in the southern hemisphere and this generally means a time of cleanse, renewed life and joy!

This morning it really dawned on me how powerful and exciting this time of year is.

Last night I changed the silver rocks, and ceramic filter in my water purifier and today had the guys come to clean the air conditioning vents... YES spring is the cleanse time of the year.

Biologically it's the perfect time for your body to detox...coming out of winter into spring.

I prefer to call it a cleanse as it feels less hard as doing a detox, but I am always inspired around this time of year to get fit, lose fat for summer, (and yes... shed my winter coat).

These are three ways you can cleanse your body.

NB There are many more like bentonite clay, soup diets etc but these are three I have used in the past.

1. Grapefruit/lemon/olive oil cleanse

This detox/cleanse is done over 10 days. You squeeze 1/2 grapefruit, 1/2 lemon and 1 Tbs of olive oil. Mix together and drink 30 minutes before breakfast.

The olive oil opens the neck of your gall bladders and flushes sludge, the grapefruit flushes the liver (contra indicted if you are taking cholesterol lowering medications), and the lemon juice switches on your stomach acid.

You skin should improve, energy lift and prime your body for summer.

If you have known gall stones, please only do this under the supervision of a naturopath or trained professional.


2. Juicing

There are many foods and potential ingredients that help your body cleanse. These are my favourites: celery, carrot, lemon and ginger.

Beetroot is great, so are cucumber, berries and turmeric.

You can make smoothies but I like the simplicity of this juice. I will actually have it along with everything else.

Good for alkalising your body, decreasing fluid retention and inflammation

3. Professional Detox and cleanse

Every practitioner - make sure they are qualified - has their own preferences. As I have mentioned, I like to cleanse rather than detox. I like to nourish rather than punish.

I use the metagenics supplement range and a clean diet and motivation to make it all happen.

If you would like to arrange a detox using their supplements please send me an email and I will arrange an account after a brief chat so you can order the supplements.

Over 21 days do 2 weeks of alkalising and preparing your bowel.

Many people lose weight during this time. There are a few reasons for this. An acid body won't lose weight easily but an alkaline body will. The G-Tox express that I use, alkalises your body.

I recommend cutting down or cutting out dairy, coffee and gluten.

All of these substances may cause inflammation in the body.

Ideally sugar consumption is minimised too, including fruit.

Loads of salads, steamed vegetables and fish or easy to digest proteins are best during the three weeks.

In the final week your liver is flushed using the thermophase detox drink.

The thermophase detox is by far the best detox product I have seen and used on the market. It has every thing you need to flush your liver, reset your body and metabolism, hormones and more. To order these products you will need a practitioner and I am happy to assist - email me so we can discuss your needs and how you can do this. >>> click here <<<

This program takes 3 weeks and is designed to help you lose weight, drop bad habits and feel fit, strong and ready for summer.

Make the most of Spring. It is a natural time to detox and enhance your bodies' vibrancy levels.