Protect Your Heart

As I reflect on a few recent readings such as this one in JAMA and listen to all the beautiful people I have met and loved, I know I am a heart kind a gal.

Trained and working in Coronary Care for over three decades, and loving every minute I have learned that the heart is more than just a “pump” and a mechanism to shuttle blood around the body.

It is the organ of the body that enables oxygen exchange, for kidneys to work and for our brain to be bathed in enriched nutrients so we can make sense of our environment.

The heart is also the centre of our emotions.

Heart Math is a relatively new science that has revealed that the heart is vibrational and in fact our emotions stem from our heart, not our brain.

People kilometres away can feel each other (or heart each other).

When people suffer an emotional traumatic loss they have say it hurts me here” pointing to their heart area. And it does. I have had this experience first time and sometimes it is so dramatic I have struggled for breath.

We even symbolise love, using the heart sign. Just think about how often you used the heart emoti today? Or signed off with an “I love you”?

To love someone means you “heart them”. Love is a heart emotion.

It hurts me to read about the hundreds of young folks & athletes having cardiac issues at the moment. You don’t have to look far to find the evidence why. It is “heart-breaking” literally.

As a former nurse and naturopath I have so much to share in this space.

So now, as we are moving into a new era on the planet, I would like to share more about the heart and the secrets it holds for healing, for vulnerability and capacity for forgiveness and love.

I would love to invite you on my heart-art journey as I help folks explore their capacity to love and lead a healed healthy life. Maybe our retreat in Port Douglas writing, or if you wish raise your concerns in a session with me. You can book this with Alex via this link. 

If you have any concerns about your heart or your children’s heart please reach out. Of course see your family doctor and call 000 if you need.