The 12 Healthy Days of Christmas – day 2- Avoid Gluten

Avoid Gluten

On the second day of Christmas we started avoiding gluten.

Gluten is the part of the grain that gives the seed protein to grow.

Unfortunately many people can’t break it down and it ends up sticking (like GLU-ten) to the wall of guts.

This creates bloating, inflammation, allergies, skin issues, head issues (ADHD, aspergers, migraines, depression, anxiety) and more.

I suggest cutting it down or avoiding it totally.

You will find anything made with wheat, rye, barley or oats will contain gluten.

And many packaged items use gluten to thicken things or flavour them (E621-E635)

Cut back on breads, baked goods, muffins, soy sauce, rolled oats, museli bars, rye products and beer.



Eating fresh, market bought or home grown foods are best!

gluten free eating

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