Three Foods to Help in Menopause

Three foods to help you through menopause!

Remember ladies… this is a natural transition in your life!

You can do this naturally but you need to pay attention, and introduce a few natural changes.

Food is the most empowering…. The above tips are:

1. Eat more green leafy vegetables

Green leafies, especially broccoli, help your liver process and breakdown hormones. They are also high in fibre which enables your gut to clear out body wastes.

2. Increase omega three rich foods

The essential fatty acids found in omega 3 rich foods help your body transition from a fertile state to a non-fertile state.
Essential fats actually compose the outer ring of every hormone.
You need to increase your omega three rich food in order to transition.
Foods such as nuts and seeds, deep sea fish (tuna, salmon, cod), plant oils such as coconut, olive oil…. are ALL rich in omega 3 oils!

3. Increase nourishing foods to support your adrenals.

These include broths, meat based casseroles, soups and fermented foods.

If you need more help during menopause email me directly! I offer a menopause program (Mastering Menopause) which is a 3 month program that will help you balance your hormones .

Transition quicker not longer!

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