Feminine beauty behind a veil.

Women globally spend millions of dollars on make up, clothes, face products and making themselves look “more beautiful and feminine”.

But what if they didn’t need to do that – well of course, we know women don’t “need” to do it but imagine if they all felt confident enough that they didn’t need to do it. That they felt they weren’t being judged from the outside. That they were seen for all the beauty they have in the eyes, in their smiles, in their energy?

I believe that is the essence of feminine beauty (and power). Understanding that beauty, true beauty, is actually about the poise, the energy, the infectious connection the women provides and has. It’s her confidence, her style, her walk and smile that make her beautiful. Not her clothes, not her make up and not her social media numbers.

The Truth of Disclosure

Being honest and confident enough to show the world the real you does take courage. You need to believe in yourself. You need to love yourself. You need to honour youself (soul, mind and body).

“Man is least himself, when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth.”

Oscar Wilde hit the nail on the head with this poignant observation.

I think women the same but I prefer to liken it to:

“Woman is least herself when worrying about what other people think. Give her a veil and watch her transform to a confident goddess.” Sam Beau Patrick.

Feminine expectations

It is ingrained as children to “look pretty” “act nicely” and “play softly” not like boys!

This continual reminder that our society looks at women and judges is a trusim.

Some cope with it ok and others don’t.

Some rise to the challenge and wear make up, daily. Some don’t even leave the house without make up on.

I even met a young married woman who said her husband had never seen her without make up off.

Is femininity stifled in western countries?

I was prompted to think about the simplicity of changing a woman’s confidence merely by changing her robes, or giving her something to hide behind last night. I was with some friends from Dubai and we were discussing the local dress.

Women clad in the traditional abaya. Some women cover every visible bit of skin in line with tradition of giving yourself to your husband, others have a veil but you can see their face, others no veil and just the full length robe.

Interestingly though when I was in Dubai I discussed this with a few fashion savy Emerati women their views on the traditional wear. Resoundingly they loved it.  They said they didn’t have to worry about being judged, could be their true self and felt sorry for western women for having to be “appearance focused.”

And the thing I found even more interesting in this stunning group of people were their sexiness, their confidence and their femininity.

They didn’t have to “muscle up” or worry about being looked up and down. They could be their true selves.

Behind closed doors, they do dress quite western and take great delight and pride in their bodies wearing sexy lingerie and outfits.

Lessons from Emirati women

My lesson from these women was instrumental in understanding how we are wired.

And I have really tried to embrace their advice and insights.

It’s inspiring talking and finding women who really doesn’t worry about what people think. So many do and miss out on the FUN free side of life.

The evolution of being a powerful women is feeling like you do have a veil and can be your sexy, feminine self without the veil.

The veil of confidence that frees the spirit of women is in your head and capabilities.

Reach out and shroud yourself in it and step gracefully into your feminine space.