How to Make a Hormone Balancing Salad

Can you balance your hormones with food?


Using foods to heal and balance your hormones is really the best way forward in health.

Knowing what foods to use when, means you have TOTAL CONTROL always over your health.

Food – nourishment – is the most powerful tool and resource we have has humans.

That and our mind.


Unfortunately neither are really taught that well at school and one’s education on both seem to start later in life.

Once we work out that schooling often teaches us to read and write, but not what to eat and think.

For me.. and maybe you are the same..

The ability to self nourish is empowerment.

Self nourishing is the greatest gift we give ourselves.

It means we are independent…

We are in control of our body and soul..

And ultimately then we are in a better position to help others.  


These are 5 key points for BOOSTING your Nourishment through foods…

and very importantly how you can balance your hormones with your food.


My 5 KEY FOOD TIPS for hormone balancing:

  • Avoid inflammatory causing foods.

Inflammatory foods typically include foods that require extra effort to break down.

This include proteins such as gluten, casein (in dairy), pork.

Eating gluten and dairy free can feel overwhelming at first.

However once you get your head around it… once you work out what to prepare and where to shop, you won’t look back!

I do have 8 weeks of eating plans if you need ideas. Just message me. 

Other pro-inflammatory foods include carbohydrate rich foods such as grains. For example rice, corn, sugar and wheat. These can cause problems with people’s blood sugar levels and ultimately hormones.


  • Sit down to eat.

Focus on your food. This is like practising yoga.

Easier than it sounds and requires daily rehearsal and practice.

Eating when your mind is on your food is imperative for digestion to take – for proper release of enzymes, HCl and absorption of nutrients.

Remember #mindongutoff

  • Fill up on nutrient dense foods first!

This means eating a stack of organic salad ingredients at the start of your meal.

Filling up and starting with a wide range of vegetables offers your gut and body the best start.

It helps balance sugar swings from the outset and promotes the correct acid production.

Bitter vegetables promote stomach acid… others give anti-oxidants and nutrients.


  • Use all the colours of the rainbow.

If you are lacking inspiration in the kitchen, go to a market, buy a wide range of colours.

Don’t be too perturbed about what the vegetable name is.. Just buy it.

Chop it and add it.

The more colours you have in your salad the better. 




  • Use herbs. Use herbs liberally!

When you read to use a pinch of a herb, triple it. Use half a bunch.

Herbs are packed with anti oxidants, phytoestrogens and alkalising benefits.

Many herbs will balance hormones too such as parsley, corriander, dill, sage, mint.


For more inspiration watch this salad I whipped up the other day.

I would love to hear about your success stories with food. What you love and what inspires you. Add your comments below.