Are there natural ways to fix fibroids?

Fibroids, are there alternative treatments?


There are options to manage fibroids, other than surgical removal and these are some of the ways, and my approach.

What are fibroids?

Fibroids are non-cancerous growths in the uterine (womb) wall.

They can be inside, outside or in the actual wall.

Whilst they may be called a tumour they are not a cancer…

What causes fibroids?

As with most of these things, medical literature says they don’t know exactly.

Let’s start with the obvious though – your body is not in balance.

Whether it is rest, food, lifestyle, hormones or other.

It is widely accepted that hormones are the driving force (generally high estrogen, low progesterone) and during pregnancy they can become worse.

I suspect aside from the high estrogen, low progesterone that cortisol (the body’s stress hormone) plays a contributing role, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiences (eg low folate, low vitamin D, low silica).

I use a hair test to help with the mineral and vitamin diagnostics and a saliva hormone test for hormones.

What symptoms do you have with fibroids?

It really depends on the location to what symptoms you will experience.

They often cause the following:

  • painful periods

  • excessive bleeding

  • break through spotting

  • pain in your legs or back with periods

  • pain with intercourse

  • heaviness or pain when using your bowels or going to the toilet.

They can be diagnosed with an ultra sound, which your doctor can order.

What are treatment options

I am not a doctor, (so ask yours) but the general medical opinion is to try to control the symptoms with the pill, and usually surgical removal. For some women, that means a hysterectomy (removal of their uterus).

There are many natural options available including homeopathy, acupuncture but I choose hormone balancing and nutrition.

Herbal medicine (which I weave in with my hormone balancing can assist a lot). BUT I am very mindful to find and treat the cause, not just treat the symptoms (which generally aim to shrink the size of the fibroid).

I like having a saliva hormone profile of your body – this will indicate what hormones are out. If you are on the pill it is best to stop it in order to have an accurate test result. However, please do this with the consultation of your overseeing practitioner.

I also like the hair test, and from that we make a diet that suits your body.

I manage hormones a number of ways.

High estrogen requires minimising input (eat organic, eat brassicas, drink water), helping with metabolising (liver herbs, green leafy vegetables, decreasing alcohol, or medications that go through the liver) and excreting estrogen (daily bowel motions, walking, water, plant fibres, not grain fibres).

Depending on progesterone and cortisol levels but stress reduction activities (I focus more on fun and joy activities) will help boost these two valuable hormones.


Over the years I have had mixed success with fibroids. Some really good results (we ask your doctor to rescan after a few month) and some other patients whose fibroids haven’t resolved.

The critical factors for success have actually being the opportunity for the woman to heal (whether that means stopping work for a short time, decreasing hours at work, decreasing stress, and balancing hormones).

Hysterectomy is appealing when ongoing bleeding, pain, and fatigue (due to low iron) are issues and you are trying to work.

If you haven’t tried managing your hormones naturally give it a go.

Sometimes I hear “but it is expensive to see you or a naturopath”… well I’m afraid that is sometimes the cost of health. Compared to other treatment cost, natural is better in the long run. And I think in years to come we will understand that a woman’s uterus is a very important part of her feminine balance. So removing it without trying to help your body naturally might be short changing yourself of this experience.

It is an individual decision and as always I suggest getting a couple of opinions, including a natural one, before making any decisions.

Drop me an email if you are thinking about going natural and we can start the ball rolling.


Sam x