Do you Suffer with Anxiety in the Morning?

Do you wake up in the morning overwhelmed with anxiety?

Or maybe you don’t call it that but you do recognise waking and:

  •    Instantly planning your day in your head
  •    Dreading what is coming up for the day
  •    Feeling the desire to hide in bed all day….
  •    Needing to open your bowels straight away

These feelings and responses are really common!

WE just don’t talk about them.

In fact, I reckon tomorrow morning when you wake,

you will notice more about your body and mind, and how it’s reacting.

This simply may not have been something you have consciously thought about before…


UNFORTUNATELY not starting the day with a relaxed mind and body

can have dire results, especially over time.

I am discovering with corporate and working women that this is a BIG problem.


Many “time-challenged” or “list driven”women kick on their adrenal system BEFORE they have even risen out of bed.

There body is in “fight or flight” mode even though there is NO LIFE THREAT!


What this means is over activation of cortisol:

  • which leads to belly fat, exhaustion, increased cholesterol, longer term= lowered immunity


It also kicks into overdrive our fight or flight system:

  • heart rate goes up, hyperventilate (anxiety), adrenaline goes up so we can’t relax,
  • and testosterone in women can rise (weight gain, PCOS, acne)


And MORE internal noise in your head

  • which means, less happy hormones, less clarity and greater anxiety and stress.


I am working more on this with clients in my Health Mastery program.


It is a very common issue that we all can improve upon with little to no finances.

It just requires a small commitment…

A commitment each day, best on waking.

Here are some ideas to lower morning anxiety, lower cortisol and to embrace the act of meditation:

  1. Listen to an Ap (I like Head Space, Smiling Mind)

  2. Listen to a short play list of music you like and deep breathe, smile, day dream

  3. Write down 3 things you are grateful for then sit for one minute breathing into each one

  4. Deep breathing – through your tummy and feeling your body become heavier and relax

  5. Practising the ayurvedic breathe of : breathing in for a count of 8, hold for 32, then breath out for 16!

There are many versions and ways you can meditate.

The benefits of meditation are incredible, physically and mentally.

These are my blood pressure scores before and after meditating:


Blood pressure before                       Blood pressure after

meditation                                           meditation



If you suffer with anxiety and feel you have tried everything please try a mediation ap and try it for a month.

I would love your feedback in the comments below on things you have tested and tried and experiences.

Thank-you and namsaste,

Sam xox

PS if it’s really bad, please reach out.